Can’t keep delaying Supreme Court ethics

Published 9:37 am Sunday, April 30, 2023

Dear Editor,

The Supreme Court has a serious ethics problem, and the latest revelations about Clarence Thomas should be alarming to every American.

For twenty years, Thomas has accepted high-end, luxury, all-expense-paid vacations around the world from Republican mega donor Harlan Crow. And he never disclosed any of it to the public.

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What’s more, he also sold three properties to the billionaire and never reported it on his financial disclosures. The vacations are blatantly unethical, and not reporting the real estate sales is potentially illegal.

Supreme Court decisions impact every facet of American life. Because of this, justices must be held to the highest ethical standards. When Americans see news like this about Clarence Thomas – or anything other justice – the Court demonstrates that it cannot hold itself accountable and it doesn’t take its responsibilities seriously.

A Court with no legitimacy only hurts the American people. It’s time for Congress to pass a Supreme Court code of ethics to bring legitimacy back to the court.

Angela Green