Savor each moment of graduation experience

Published 3:49 pm Saturday, May 20, 2023

By Bonnie Brown

Since graduation has come and gone, our little town seems quieter without the students here. If you are a recent graduate, parent of a graduate, or grandparent of a graduate, congratulations!

It is a wonderful and important milestone that calls for celebration. When I worked in the Registrar’s Office, graduation was our “party.” We were quite involved in the ceremonies and details. One sure signal that it was time for graduation was the blooms on the Magnolia trees and all the U-Haul trucks and trailers around town.

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The set-up in the Grove is always impressive and I recall wiping the chair seats as leaf blowers were also employed in the effort to dry and clean the seats for the morning ceremony.

Parents, before you put away the checkbook thinking that you are done and have paid the last tuition payment, may I share some reasons why you won’t be able to put away that checkbook or credit card.

First, there could be the possibility of said graduate needing to put down a deposit on an
apartment or perhaps a down payment on a house near their new place of employment. No more fraternity or sorority houses. That’s where your checkbook can once again be useful.

And just when you think your offspring has settled into a nice residence, a new job, and is
adulting, along comes “the one.” The spouse who now makes your graduate a couple and they want a wedding. And that wedding could really eat away at your checkbook’s balance.

After the wedding, you find yourself acknowledging that you have indeed acquired another child that you love as your own. One you appreciate what he/she brings to the relationship and supports and cares for your offspring. Wonderful! Your family has expanded to include another family, one that you must now share your offspring with.

From there, if you are lucky, you may welcome a grandchild. And let me tell you, you are freer with that checkbook/credit card than you have ever been. What fun to spoil this little one who completes the family circle and has captured your heart forever.

If you are the graduate, after the celebration of graduation is over, you begin your journey into adulthood. You are now employed hopefully in a job that you find rewarding. You have a nice residence, with a nod to your parents’ willingness to assist you.

You have now accepted that for your career to progress, you must put your shoulder into the effort. You are indeed now an adult. Along comes that person that completes you and you marry. Again, your parents rose to the occasion to make the wedding memorable. And before long, your family expands to include a son or daughter. You are happy and life is good.

So, I have explained to you the cycle of life after this ceremony called “graduation.” It is indeed an end to the educational process, the more carefree side of your offspring’s life.

And it is the beginning of the life cycle. It is only after this milestone, that you will look back and define your timeline.

I also remind you all, the parent and the offspring, to savor each and every moment. Celebrate every occasion big and small — birthdays, holidays, family gatherings.

And remember that graduation was a defining moment. The celebration that set you all on this path.


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