Anubis Improv bringing Chicago-based show to Oxford

Published 1:20 pm Wednesday, May 24, 2023

David Hamilton has twinkling eyes and an infectious laugh, filling the room with energy and good humor.

Hamilton’s company, Anubis Improv, began in New Orleans, and now he has brought it to Oxford. He is part of the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council’s 2023 Community Supported Arts (CSA) program.

“I began taking improv classes in 2013 in New Orleans as a way to see if I was interested in performing as an adult the same way I was as a child,” Hamilton said.

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Since then, Hamilton has expanded his offerings to the North Mississippi community, including performances, classes, workshops, and corporate events. As part of the CSA, one can join in his small business journey by purchasing a ticket to his upcoming June 1 show, the Armando.

The Armando will feature award-winning storyteller Kay Bryant and Anubis Improv actors. CSA shares are helping fund the show and are available in 2- and 4-person VIP tables with a complimentary bottle of wine and snacks during the show ($40 and $80, respectively). General admission tickets are $10.

“The Armando is an improv form named after its creator, Chicago Improv teacher and player, Armando Diaz. In our interpretation, we’ll invite an Oxford community member [Kaye Bryant] to tell true stories that six performers will then use to inspire their improv scenes,” Hamilton explained.

YAC’s CSA program challenges creative entrepreneurs to formulate a goal for their business and to use the CSA’s professional development to move toward it.

Creatives use the CSA to share their story and invite people to support their growth as artists and entrepreneurs. Similar to community supported agriculture, this program asks early investors to support artists by buying shares that artists will deliver by the end of the program in June.

Shareholders receive a unique item or experience and support the growth of local small businesses.

“Creative entrepreneurs have a shared need for small business resources but don’t always know where to look or that many of them are free. The CSA program is in its 8th year, and we are so happy to foster connections so that Lafayette County remains a unique arts destination in the state,” said Wayne Andrews, executive director of YAC.

Creative entrepreneurs, whether in fine arts, performance arts, graphic design or other technology fields, learn from each other in a shared way that is meant to encourage and inspire friendships and the building of sustainable small businesses. Hamilton hopes to build up an audience for improv through the

“Improv is truly for everyone!…Active listening, mindfulness, clear communication, and collaboration are powerful tools for all people.”

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