Cofield’s Corner

Published 8:32 am Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Cofield’s Corner

By John Cofield

Ireland’s seemed as much out of a Boston neighborhood as on an Oxford sidestreet.

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Colorful owners, loyal locals, witty waitresses, and more make up these memories. More as in the commode seat on the ceiling upstairs and the “angels” downstairs.

There was crockpot chili, wild game stew, cheap beer nights, pickled eggs, and pigs’ feet.

John Tidwell, former University Police Chief, and a jovial character to boot, opened Ireland’s in 1982.

With his daughters Christy and Kim they went on to create a great little bar with a tight, loyal following. No, not The Gin, not The Warehouse, this was Ireland’s!

Tuesday Night was 25-cent beer night. I poured non-stop from 7:00-11:45… only stopping to break up the weekly Rugby Team fight.” — Jason Plunk