New postmaster starts in Oxford

Published 11:49 am Friday, June 9, 2023

Brian Krist is now the postmaster for Oxford. He began his role in April and  grew up in a postal family. Kist started his career with the U.S postal service in his years of college at University of Iowa in Iowa Falls, Iowa. 

Kist has a long history with the post office and will be celebrating 30 years with the US Postal Service in Jan. As letters and cards are becoming more uncommon these days,  Kist says that the post office is turning into a package delivery service more than anything else. Most people have forgotten the value and personalization of receiving a handwritten letter or mothers day card. 

Kist was postmaster in other cities before and hopes to bring better leadership and accountability to Oxford. Kist did get his start in a college town so he knows the ins and outs and what is expected. 

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Oxford being a college town, a good many of its residents are only here part time and the mail traffic comes and goes. The busiest times of the year are when everybody is moving back into Oxford to start the fall semester and normally towards the end of the spring semester. During summer the mail slows down and the busiest times are over for a short while.