Deputy clerk Chandler feted at retirement

Published 1:09 pm Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Deputy City Clerk Lesia Chandler, who recently announced her retirement, was celebrated at a recent Oxford Board of Aldermen meeting for her 10 years of dedication to the city clerk’s office. 

The city marked her significant contributions with a resolution that expressed Oxford’s profound gratitude.

Mayor Robyn Tannehill stressed the impact of Chandler’s exit, saying, “Seeing Lesia Chandler leave at city hall, even though she is going home to be the best grandmama in the world, is hard for those of us who know and love her and treasure her advice.”

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The resolution outlined Chandler’s remarkable knowledge and readiness to help her colleagues, shedding light on why she succeeded in her position. Reading from the resolution, Tannehill said, “Lesia Chandler has made a mark on the city of Oxford through a high standard of service to its citizenry characterized by her patience, courtesy, and respect for the citizens that she served.”

A tearful Chandler’s words reflected her gratitude, humility, and tight-knit relationships among the city staff. “I am overwhelmed, and I am humbled. I have been so privileged. I could not have asked for better friends and family than I have in the city clerk’s office.” She mentioned how much she would miss working with everyone, underlining the strong bonds formed over her decade of service.

Adding a lighter touch to the heartfelt remarks, Mayor Tannehill joked, “We’ve still got your cell phone number!”