Explore Orion at Rainwater Observatory’s next public program in French Camp

Published 2:20 pm Saturday, July 8, 2023

FRENCH CAMP, Miss. — The Rainwater Observatory in French Camp has announced its next “Exploring the Heavens” public program. The event, sponsored by the 4-County Electric Foundation, is set for Friday, July 14, at 7 p.m. Admission is free.

“The Secrets of Orion!,” the latest installment in the series, will delve into the mysteries of one of the most recognizable constellations in the winter night sky. Rainwater Observatory’s director, Edwin Faughn, will guide attendees through Orion’s historical significance, its references in the Bible and the cutting-edge scientific discoveries it has sparked.

Faughn, a respected figure in the space sciences, has dedicated his career to sharing his expertise and passion with diverse audiences. His lectures, which cater to audiences ranging from universities and museums to religious and civic organizations, are known for their engaging approach.

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Besides being a lecturer, Faughn is also an acclaimed artist. His art, which often focuses on space science, has been featured in various international science magazines and exhibitions, with notable credits, including Scientific American and the Federal Express World Headquarters.

Post-presentation, the observatory plans to host an observing session. The session, dependent on clear weather conditions, offers attendees the opportunity to use Rainwater’s collection of powerful telescopes. The observatory, situated one mile east of the Natchez Trace Parkway off Mississippi Highway 413, is well-positioned for celestial observations.

The event provides an excellent opportunity for attendees to explore the depths of space and time, learning about the universe in an accessible, engaging manner. Visitors are advised to arrive early and enjoy dinner at the Council House, part of the French
Camp Academy’s support ministry.

This event offers a unique opportunity to learn more about our universe from an expert in the field and to engage with the cosmos in an immersive, educational environment.

For more information on “The Secrets of Orion!” or other public programs at the Rainwater Observatory, contact Faughn at 662-547-7283 or via email at info@rainwaterobservatory.org. The Rainwater Observatory in located at 6810 MS-413 in French Camp.