Grateful for the greatness of small things

Published 9:30 am Wednesday, July 12, 2023

By Bonnie Brown

I’ve been in a most grateful mood lately. I gave a lot of thought to America’s birthday on July 4th. We live in a great country. I totally understand why people are willing to risk everything to gain entry here. If I lived in another country, I would do everything in my power to come to the United States.

Here are things for which I am grateful. My family first and foremost. We have two terrific sons, who have made us very proud. These boys were smart enough to marry wonderful women who are intelligent, beautiful, and great partners for these guys.

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I have two brothers I love whose wives have always been kind to me and I appreciate that more than I’ve ever expressed to them. Tom’s sister, Pam, has been an angel and I am forever grateful to her for propping me up during Tom’s recent recovery.

My husband Tom. He has had recent challenges, having had a stroke after hip replacement. Not an easy health challenge to overcome, but he has been determined and tough-minded and is doing quite well. He is amazing. I am so proud of him and so grateful for him. He is my anchor.

We have been supported by an amazing circle of friends, neighbors, and family during this time. I’m thankful that I have taken the time to appreciate the many kindnesses offered up to comfort us. Delicious food, including casseroles, soup, lasagna, cakes, and cookies. Phone calls, visits, and texts offering reassurance that Tom would get better.

A sweet neighbor even took care of getting my items to the community garage sale and selling the items on a very warm Saturday morning. Who would be so kind to take on that responsibility. (Thank you, Judy!)

I’m thankful for the coziness of our home. It’s simply wonderful. We have downsized twice now, so we are surrounded by those things and people which make us happy and comfortable.

Mainly, we have a community of wonderful neighbors who would probably join me in an illegal activity if I asked. You know the ones who will throw in with you, no matter what.

I am grateful for the driver of the car that actually used his turn signal the other day. And another driver slowed down to allow me to merge onto the highway. Now the drivers who are in the rear-view mirror look as though they want to bump me off the highway because I’m driving the posted speed limit is another matter.

It makes me happy when someone that I don’t know returns my greeting of good morning when I stroll through the grocery store, Walmart, or Home Depot. For those who don’t return my greeting or smile, I silently lecture them about how much nicer they could act toward another fellow human.

I’ve read that there are 3 different types of kindness (towards yourself, others, and the world around us). Let us practice applying all 3 types. Our world would be kinder, and we would be more grateful.

I suggest that we all live by this quote by award-winning author Richie Norton: “Express gratitude for the greatness of small things.”

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