Property Transfers

Published 8:15 am Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Property transfers between June 26-30, 2023, as recorded with the Lafayette County Chancery Clerk.

Stillwater Oxford, LLC to Stephen and Veronica Anderson, Unit 10 of Stillwater Oxford Condominiums.
Randal and Tammie Clark to LVB Properties, LLC, Unit 20 of The Enclave Condominiums.
Miller Mimosa Propeties, LLC to Sherilyn Coleman, Northwest Quarter of the Northeast Quarter of Section 36, Township 8 South, Range 3 West.
M. Kevin Horan to M. Kevin Horan, and Garrett and Heather Miller, Unit 515, 514 Jackson Condominiums.
Vernon and Elizabeth Padgett to Marshall Stubbs, Fraction of the Northeast Quarter of Section 15, Township 9 South, Range 2 West.
Frances and John Robertson to Frances Robertson, Unit 69 of Old Oaks of Oxford Condominiums.
Britt Singletary to HHH Properties, LLC, Lot 6, Grand Ridge Subdivision.
Gail and Matthew Bennett to Emily and Richard Coogler, Unit 4705, The Mark Condominiums.
Harrison Real Estate Group, LLC to Reba Greer, Unit 4608, The Mark Condominiums.
The Crossing at Oxford Commons, LLC to Babadele and Abiemwense Oyedepo, Unit 329 at The Crossing at Oxford Commons Cottage Condominiums.
Pro Basketball, LLC to Michael and Alicia Wade Williamson, Unit 3307 of The Mark Condominiums.
Andrew and Kelley Clinton to Derek and Teresa Faye Johnson, Lot 52 of Garden Terrace Subdivision.
Dwight Hines to Dwight and Kayla Hines, Unit 58 of Old Oaks of Oxford Condominiums.
Mark and Chrystal Kelley to Ian and Elizabeth Lyn, A fraction of the Southwest Quarter of Section 3, Township 8 South, Range 3 West.
Michael Peeples to Charles and Mary Marsh, Lot 43 of Tuscan Hills Estates.
Charles and Katherine Martin to Christopher and Melissa Glanton, Lot 50 of Aspen Ridge Subdivision.
JWM Development, LLC to Mark Cleary, Unit 506, 514 Jackson Condominiums.
Richard and Kirsten Bowen to Kirsten Bowen, Lot 18 of Cherokee Hills Subdivision.
Stillwater Oxford, LLC to Winferd and Mary Medlock, Unit 63 of Stillwater Oxford Condominiums.
Jacob and Elizabeth McDougal to Terry Ford, Lot 6 of Taylor Greene Subdivision.
Jerry and Barbara Hairston (-Lusk) to PAR Property Investment Group, LLC, Lot 2 of Freed Man Subdivision 1.
Mustafa Zayed to Mustafa Matalgah and Khuloud Alkofahi, Lot 99, Oakmont Subdivision.
Roxie Hopkins to Barry and Melody Diggs, CR 512, Lot 5.
Brian and Laura Carr to Laura and R. Keith Kessinger, Lot 1, Addison’s Place Subdivision.
Christopher Shepherd to Christopher and Christy Shepherd, Lot 32 of Langston Mile Village Subdivision.
J.W. Fennell to Robin and Brent Harrelson, Unit 3201, Esplanade Condominiums.
John and Katherine Green to Ivan Hirsberg, Lot 7 of Turnberry Court Subdivision.
Pricedale Properties, LLC to Ronnie and Elizabeth Michaels, Unit 4802, The Mark Condominiums.
Miles and Janie Fowler to Michael Wang and Di Cui, Lot 23, Oakmont Subdivision.
Dean Douglas to Bo and Rebecca Rhea, Lot 24 of Summerset Subdivision.
Riley Bennett to Anita Cross, Lot 23 of Yocona Ridge Subdivision.
Marley Ashe to James Kelder, Unit 3306, The Mark Condominiums.
Savannah Square Oxford, LLC to Tony and Barbara Woodall, Unit 39 of Savannah Square Oxford Condominiums.
Michael Hughes to Penghao Li, Lot 17 of Breckenridge Subdivision.
Wanda Coleman to James Williamson, Lot 8 of Southern Hills 1 Subdivision.
Benella Albinder and Lisa Chandler to Hailiang Zhu and Juanjuan Wang, Lot 28 of Whitetail Subdivision.
Magnolia Tree Properties, LLC to Rachael McClendon, Unit K2, Old Taylor Place Condominiums.
Stephen Greenlee to Angela Bradwell, Unit 306 of The Mark Condominiums.
Mark and Robin Morgan to Bluebonnet Oxford, LLC, Lot 77 of The Lamar Subdivision.
Bradley Graham to Catherine Creekmore, Lot 138 and fraction of Lot 139, Bramlett Gardens Subdivision.
Maudann Phillips to Christopher and Mary Lindsay Berry, Lot 3 of Addison’s Place Subdivision.
Pamela Roberson to Robert and Isabella Bianco, Lot 13, Summerset Subdivision.
The Crossing at Oxford Commons, LLC to Barry and Leah Pinnix, Unit 1016, The Crossing at Oxford Crossing Condominiums.
514 Jackson, LLC to Mollie and Dixon Seymour, Unit 411, 514 Jackson Condominiums.
Jam Real Estate Holdings, LLC to William Shanks, Lot 30, Aspen Ridge Subdivision.
Oxford 216, LLC to Andrew and Margaret Baker, Unit 301, Rowandale Condominiums.
Tyler Sharp to Julian and Annie Williams, A fractional part of the Southwest Quarter of Section 24, Township 10 South, Range 2 West.
Lauren Adams to Stephanie Barrett, Lot 43 of Notting Hill Subdivision.
Tim and Nancy O’Gorman to Sophia Quick, Unit 142, Oxford Square Townhomes.
Corey and Amber Burt to Joseph and Carolyn Guion, Lot 177 of The Lakes Subdivision.
Yunyun Zhou to Shana and Michael Biddle, Unit 12 of Oxford Square Townhomes.
Derek Lee to William and Elizabeth Brown, Unit 27, Phase 2, The Enclave Condominiums.

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