Missed connection, but peace with St. Joseph

Published 8:05 am Wednesday, July 19, 2023

By Steve Stricker

The E. F. Yerby Conference Center at Ole Miss was named after its founder, who was responsible for major developments on campus. The building opened in 1954, providing accommodations for conferences and housing the Division of Outreach and Continuing Education.

Sadly, it is scheduled to be demolished in 2023.

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In 1988 I was in Cape Girardeau at Southeast Missouri State University working as an academic advisor/counselor and teacher. I was divorced and needed to move on, and wanted my Ph.D. in Counseling.

I loved The University of Mississippi from previous fraternity contact, and applied for a graphic artist position at the Yerby Center. There were no counseling positions open and I had to work on campus to pay for tuition. So I took the job.

On Wednesday, June 28, a swell phone call came from a special friend – Yerby Center is to be torn down. So, on Wednesday, July 12, a celebration of Yeby and all those who worked there was held in the Courtyard.

It was hot and humid when I parked at St John’s Catholic Church and walked to Yerby. The doors were locked, and no signs of anyone around. It was a sweaty walk back to St John’s. I gave the day to Saint Joseph, it was just not meant to be with my friends. I went back to church and spent an hour in the dark, cool being thankful.

Later, all were in the “Breezeway” where I’d never been. Well, a simple sign could have directed me there, but ‘tis not mine to ask why, this was for whatever reason not meant to be. I’ll never know the why until our heavenly father reveals it, but felt an awesome peace, special contact with Saint Joseph, and it is what it is

But I missed y’all, my special Yerby friends…and meal.

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