Property transfers

Published 9:50 am Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Property transfers between July 3 – 7, 2023, as recorded with the Lafayette Chancery Clerk:

Ashley Brewer to Gloria Durley, Unit 43 of Soleil Condominiums.
Nathan and Carley Bell to Tayton and Leighia Smith, Fraction of the Southeast Quarter of Section 28, Township 7 South, Range 2 West.
David and Marjorie McPherson to Marcus and Jessica Thacker, Southeast Quarter of the Northwest Quarter of said Section 35, Township 6 South, Range 5 West.
Thaddeus and Melissa Hancock to Kirsten Dean, and Sandra and Michael Dean, Lot 10 of Ashlawn Subdivision.
Guillen Morales to Osman Morales, Land in Section 2, Township 8 South, Range 2 West.
Karen Irby and Jamie Irby to Jamie Irby, A parcel in Section 14, Township 9 South, Range 3 West.
Alice Mae Hodge, and Hunter and Melanie Paige McGonagill to William and Pamela Lowery, Southwest Quarter of Secrtion 17, Township 9 South, Range 2 West.
Osman Morales to Greg Conlee, A fraction of Section 2, Township 8 South, Range 2 West.
Ivest Hospitality, LLC to Kenneth and Nicole Cleveland, Unit 1101, 800 Park Condominiums.
Old Oaks Oxford, LLC to Amanda and Jack Holland, Unit 242 of Old Oaks of Oxford Condominiums.
William and Amiee Ziegler to Roy Williams, et al., Southeast Quarter of Section 26 and Southwest Quarter of Section 25, all in Township 9 South, Range 1 West.
Nest on Lamar, LLC to Jos Milton and Ashley Moss, Lot 8-12, The Lamar Subdivision.
Matthew and Leslie Prentice to Jason and Joanna Swaim, Lot 107, Briarwood Subdivision.
Betty Ivy Schurr and Nikki Schurr Latham to Nikki Schurr Jenkins, A parcel in Section 15, Township 10 South, Range 3 West.
John Rash and Tong Meng to Alton Pollan, et al., Lot 94 of Yocona Ridge Subdivision.
Thomas and E. Murray Avent to The Crossing at Oxford Commons, LLC, Fraction of Section 22, Township 8 South, Range 3 West.
Johnny and Carolyn Lott to Jessica and John Reilly, A parcel known as Lot 12 in an unopened subdivision known as Royal Oaks Subdivision.
Oak Investment, Co. to William and Mary Elizabeth Austin, Lot 7 of Wellsgate Subdivision.
Favan Farms, LLC and David Van Every to Nora Pegues, et al., West Half of the Southwest Quarter of the Southwest Quarter of Section 26, Township 8 South, Range 4 West.
Old Oaks Oxford, LLC to Joella and Hayden Lambert, Unit 219 of Old Oaks of Oxford Condominiums, Paul and Dawn Clemens to Dane Obermeyer and Molly Rouse, Lot 20 of Whitetail Subdivision.
Old Oaks Oxford, LLC to Christropher and Jasmine Ayers, Unit 238 of Old Oaks of Oxford Condominiums.
Savannah Square Oxford, LLC to Arthur Flipse and Sandra van der Vorm, Unit 36 of Savannah Square Oxford Condominiums.
The William B. Howard, Jr. Living Trust to Debra Howell, Unit 120 of Turnberry Condominiums.
Shuping, LLC to Zachary Boone, et al., Unit 125 of Oxford Square Townhomes.
Brandon and Haley McCord to Abner Servellon-Lopez, Fraction of the Southeast Quarter of Section 33 Township 7 South, Range 3 West.
Deborah Hunter to Keith Anderson, Unit 5 of Tuscan Hills Condominiums.
Michael and Sarah Marie Stock to John and Cynthia Abadie, Lot 4 of The Preserve Subdivision.

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