Time to kick political tires, check under hood

Published 7:05 am Wednesday, July 19, 2023

By Harold Brummett
Denmark Star Route

After attending several political meetings in the last few months, I started asking myself what do I want in my representative. So, a list was made. Everyone has their own priorities, what they look for and what is important to them in a candidate. This is mine, what I look for, what is important to me. Everyone needs a list.

In no particular order, I add and delete as needed.

  • Knowledge of the issues. Is the candidate aware of what is going on in their areas of concern?
  • If an incumbent, did they keep their promise and be true to what the constituents wanted?
  • Do they display passion for the job and the issues?
  • Are they active in the community, not just once every four years?
  • Can you believe the care and concern touted for their constituents on the campaign trail is real?
  • Is the candidate fair, considerate and willing to go beyond what the job calls for?
  • Does the candidate believe what I believe in?
  • If an incumbent, do they pay more attention to donors and lobbyists than what a single constituent cares about?
  • If an incumbent, do they return calls? (not just during the campaign season)
  • Is the candidate capable?

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Voters should make their own list. Don’t follow the crowd. Research. Talk to the candidate.

Do they show genuine concern and a willingness to discuss the issue most important to you? Do they talk down to you or seem annoyed or distracted? When you shake hands do you have the urge to count your fingers to see if you got the correct number of digits back? Does the candidate give you a feeling of confidence in their ability?

Don’t count on Facebook, Twitter or whatever social platform is frequented for the sole source of your information. If the candidate comes to your door be open, frank and ask those questions. Remember, they are asking for your vote, for once you are in the driver’s seat.

Before the election is the only time that a constituent gets to look under the hood and kick the tires. This is a decision you will be driving around for the next four years. When elected the candidate does not get you where need to go, it is on you.

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