Primary Candidate: Shawn Bennett

Published 10:10 am Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Candidate: Shawn Bennett

Party Affiliation: Republican

Office Seeking: Coroner

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Why are you running for office? 

It is my desire to serve all the citizens of Lafayette County with the same professionalism, integrity and compassion as my predecessor. To keep the office of coroner running as efficiently as it is now.

What is your background?

Lifelong resident of Oxford and Lafayette County. College graduate with a Mississippi License in Funeral Service as a funeral director/ embalmer. I have worked alongside and in coordination with the coroner’s office on death calls and transporting autopsy cases to the crime lab.

What makes you different from the other candidate or candidates in the race? 

I do not own or work for a local funeral home. I can truly be unbiased to the people I serve. I can be a FullTime coroner.

What would be your top priority if you were elected, or re-elected? 

To keep the office of coroner running efficiently as it is now. To care for all citizens of Lafayette County in the same manner as our current coroner has done.