Oxford police canine Frankie receives honors at aldermen meeting

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, July 26, 2023

By Jimmy Durham

In a notable event at the Oxford Board of Aldermen meeting Tuesday, a highly decorated police dog named Frankie was recognized for his exceptional service to the community over a period of more than eight years.

Frankie, along with his handler, Officer William Hollowell, was presented with a resolution by the mayor and the Board of Aldermen, expressing their sincere appreciation and gratitude. The resolution acknowledged Frankie’s significant contributions in the areas of narcotics detection, obedience and apprehension.

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Having begun his career in 2015 with the Oxford Police Department (OPD), Frankie achieved certifications from the National Narcotic Detector Dog Association (NNDA) and the American Working Dog Association (AWD). This extensive training equipped him for a crucial role in local law enforcement and left a lasting impact on Oxford and the surrounding counties.

A spokesperson from the OPD praised Frankie’s efforts, stating, “Frankie’s skills in narcotics detection have been instrumental in removing an estimated 1,500 pounds of illegal drugs from our streets.” The spokesperson also mentioned that Frankie’s successful trackings led to the apprehension of numerous felons across four counties.

Frankie’s service extended beyond narcotics detection, as he played a pivotal role in tracking down a wanted convict who had escaped from prison. Additionally, he assisted in the recovery of stolen firearms during vehicle stops and contributed to the disruption of criminal organizations by helping seize their illicit funds.

Officer Hollowell and Frankie collaborated with various law enforcement agencies, including the Lafayette County Metro Narcotics Unit and the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department, where they proved to be instrumental in numerous operations.

Both city officials and residents of Oxford recognize the tremendous impact Frankie has had. His dedicated service has become an integral part of ensuring the safety and security of the Oxford community.

The resolution commemorating Frankie’s remarkable legacy will be officially recorded in the city of Oxford’s archives. A copy paying tribute to the faithful service of his canine partner was presented to Hollowell during the meeting, .

This recognition on Tuesday highlights the vital role trained dogs play in law enforcement, underscoring their significance in maintaining community safety.