Primary Candidate: Dale Timothy Gordon

Published 2:57 pm Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Dale Timothy Gordon


Lafayette County District 3 Supervisor

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Why are you running for office?

I am best suited to lead because of my commitment to enhancing our community for all residents. While we have experienced steady growth, it is clear that not all parts of our district receive the same resources and benefit equally from these developments. My vision for the district’s future revolves around inclusivity and fair, sustainable progress.

What is your background?

I am a lifelong resident of Lafayette County and grew up in Abbeville. I am a devoted family man and a strong advocate for the growth and prosperity of my community. I’ve been a dedicated bus driver of Head Start for over 20 years because I’m dedicated to our children. I’m a member of Jeffries Chapel M.B. Church and have been a deacon for over 35 years, responsible for church finances, building maintenance and helping to build family atmosphere within the church.

What makes you different than the other candidate or candidates in the race? 

I’m sure the other candidates are great in their own ways, but I’ve been here all my life. I know the residents, their parents and even some of their kids. Everyone thinks politicians are no good and can’t be trusted, but this district needs someone to trust, not just somebody good at lip service. I’m a man of my word and want a positive change. We need it if we’re going to improve our district for everyone.

What would be your top priority if you were elected, or re-elected? 

I want to serve the people in District 3, of course, maintain our roads and bridges, be a great steward over the peoples finances and public resources, and help build the communities through education, good reliable transportation, providing healthy food through community gardens, ensuring continued education for our children and adults, and keeping you informed through our scheduled Town Hall meetings.