Primary Candidate: Shelia Busby Kelly

Published 7:49 pm Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Shelia Busby Kelly

Tax Assessor/Collector

Why are you running for office?

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I am currently working as the Deputy Tax Collector, and Bookkeeper in the Tax Assessor/Collector’s office. I have 13 years of experience in this office collecting Your taxes, Real Property, Personal Property, Mobile Home, Privilege License, Tags, and applying for your Motor Vehicle Titles. I do all this with respect for each customer, extending every avenue to help them with their problems, in a professional and curtsey attitude. Experience, dedication, respect. and availability is what I will provide to the citizens of the Oxford and Lafayette County. Same as I have served them with the last 26 years.

What is your background? 

I am a life long resident of Lafayette County along with my grandparents, and parents, Dwayne and the late Sylvia Busby, bonus mom, Melba Busby. I have two children, Kevin Ray and Kristi Yancy (Derrick Yancy, husband), four beautiful grandchildren, 2 bonus adult children and 7 grands. Married to Bobby Kelly of 3 years, and the sister of the late Jason Busby. I graduated from Lafayette High School , with Business and Accounting studies from the B & I Complex Center. I graduated from NWCC in Business and Accounting Applied Science Degree. I have since then worked as Office Managers . In 1996 I became employed with Chancery Clerk’s Office, where I filed Deeds, plats, Deed of Trust and Your land records as a Deputy Chancery Clerk. I also work in the Chancery Court, filing court records and proceedings, maintaining the court records, attending the court proceedings and filing Mental and Alcohol commitments. In 2009, I transfer to the Tax Assessor/Collector’s Office, where I worked the front counters collecting for 2 years and now have been the Bookkeeper, Deputy Tax Collector. I am Certified by the State Auditor’s Office & MSDOR as a Collector of Revenue I & II, also as Accounting I. I have work with the previous collector, Martha Thornton, and with the present Tax Assessor-Collector, Sylvia Baker, which she is endorsing me as Your next Tax Assessor/Collector.

What makes you different from the other candidate or candidates in the race?

Experienced and dedicated to the office I am a candidate for. On a first name basis with the Tax Assessor/Collectors in Mississippi, the MS Department of Revenue employees, and work with the Lafayette County Sheriffs and City of Oxford Police offices in locating and retrieving tags. I know how to balance the monthly settlements due to the MS Dept of Revenue, City of Oxford, Lafayette Schools, the Lafayette County general funds, and other entities, payroll for Tax Assessor/Collectors office, have the proper paperwork for the auditors each year, and work with Gov Ease, the ones that does our Tax sales, which are done on the last Monday in August,.