This is Tax Free Weekend for Back to School Items

Published 3:59 pm Friday, July 28, 2023

Mississippi’s Sales Tax Free Holiday is July 29 to 30 special items will be available free of state sales tax. Mississippi Sales Tax Weekend gives consumers a break on tax and is  time to stock up on clothing, school supplies and other miscellaneous items needed throughout the school year. However, not all items are eligible to be tax-free, whether it refers to the item or the price.

Eligible items include: Backpacks Belts and hats Coats and jackets Jeans and pants Socks and tennis shoes Sweaters and shirts School supplies (such as crayons, scissors, pens, pencils and calculators) School uniforms Undergarments

Items that are $100 or more, are subject to sales tax at the regular retail rate of 7%.

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But, if a customer buys several items, each of which is less than $100, but combined are more than $100, no sales tax will be charged.

See the official list of everything included and excluded.