Oxford Conference Center upgrades completed

Published 8:23 am Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Aldermen hear project summary

The Oxford Conference Center, a significant project undertaken by JP Corp General Contractors, has been completed with resounding success. The state-of-the-art facility, situated at 102 Ed Perry Blvd., has undergone substantial interior renovations and lighting upgrades, transforming it into a modern hub for conferences and events.

In a communication presented to the Board of Aldermen at their most recent meeting, Mark Levy, PLA, presented the key highlights of the project’s completion. According to the report, JP Corp General Contractors achieved the crucial milestone of substantial completion well ahead of the anticipated deadline of June 6. This timely completion has enabled the conference center to be fully functional and operational, catering to the needs of the local community.

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One notable aspect of the successful completion is the diligent efforts put into resolving any pending issues. The punch list items, representing minor tasks that needed attention, have been meticulously addressed, ensuring the highest quality standards for the Oxford Conference Center.

JP Corp General Contractors, with a focus on transparency and accountability, submitted a formal request to the Board of Aldermen for three essential considerations:

  1. Final Payment: As per the terms of the agreement, JP Corp was seeking the final payment for the project.
  1. Acceptance of Maintenance: With the project now concluded, JP Corp urged the Board to officially accept maintenance responsibility for the Oxford Conference Center. This will ensure the long-term sustainability and functionality of the facility for the benefit of the community.
  1. Change Order No. 2: Despite careful planning, unforeseen electrical issues arose during the project. Specifically, wiring-related challenges emerged in connection with the urinal and toilet sensors, as well as the wiring under auditorium chairs. These issues have been resolved by JP Corp, and they sought approval for the additional payment of $7,253.63 from the contingency budget to cover the costs. 

JP Corp General Contractors provided a detailed breakdown of the additional amount, with $1,624.38 allocated to address the urinal and toilet sensor wiring, and $5,629.25 for the repair of wire molding under the auditorium chairs.

Change Order No. 2 is evidence they promptly addressed unforeseen conditions and used the contingency budget to mitigate any budgetary impact on the project.

As a measure of assurance to the city of Oxford, the one-year warranty commenced from June 6, “demonstrating JP Corp’s commitment to the quality of their work.”

The completion of the Oxford Conference Center stands as a testament to the effective collaboration between JP Corp General Contractors and the city of Oxford. The successful project showcases a commitment to meeting deadlines, addressing challenges, and delivering a high-quality facility for the benefit of the local community.

The Board of Aldermen approved the final payment, accepted maintenance responsibility, and authorized Change Order No. 2 cementing the foundation for a thriving center that will serve Oxford and Lafayette County for years to come.