Instilling love of the arts blooms within one family

Published 1:09 pm Thursday, August 17, 2023

By Susan Mah

I went to church this past Sunday and the reading was from Genesis 37:5-11, wherein Joseph has a dream. Subsequently, our pastor talked about dreams, asking, “Whose dream are you living in?”

I later talked about the sermon with my brother and we discussed the dreams our parents had for us, one of which was to appreciate the arts.

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My father, Francis Mah, was an architect. My brother, David, is a fine art painter. My sister, Nancy, is a designer. And I’m a fine art photographer as well as a therapist. It seems that our parents’ dreams became our own.

Entrance hall with Mary Simms painting (my brother was the model), a well-known Mid-South artist. (Susan Mah)

Last week, my brother and I flew to New York. My sister was having a house warming in celebration of the first house she’s ever designed, largely influenced by our father’s work and the house we grew up in as children. In addition, the party was in honor of Nancy’s 60th birthday. Thus, this photo essay tells a story of dreams, which are often the inspiration for art.

While in New York, I also went into Manhattan to go to the museums and spend time with my oldest and dearest childhood friend, Darryl Goldsmith Lavare, also an artist from Memphis.