Property Transfers

Published 8:45 am Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Property transfers between August 7 – 11, 2023, as recorded with the Chancery Clerk of Lafayette County:

John Greco to KJAT Properties, LLC, Unit 102, The Oaks on East Jackson Condominiums.
Amy Celene Hill to Helen Diane Walls and Evelyn Walls Baker, Fraction of the South Half of Sectio 8, Township 9 South, Range 3 West.
Connie Browder and Kelli Rietkovich to Kelsey Yates and Andrew Grant, Lot 92 of Taylor-Greene Subdivision (Taylor).
Nikki Latham to Maria Fionda, Lot 22 of Pebble Creek Subdivison.
Angela Smith to Joel and Samantha Lofton, Unit 10, Phase 2, The Enclave Condominiums.
Yvonne King Box, et al. to Guy and Stacy Shoaf, Lot 59, Section 28, Township 8 South, Range 3 West.
Quality Beverage Packing, Inc. to David Earwood, Unit 6B, The Enclave Condominiums.
Mohammad Alkhatib and Esraa Al Shawakri to Judy Kathleen Brown, Lot 60 of Goose Creek Estates Subdivision.
Cynthia and Todd Palmer to Louis and Elizabeth Allen, Lot 8-3, The Lamar Subdivision.
James and Wanda Natale to Jimin Kahng and Hongjun Seo, Lot 62, Oxmoor Place Subdivision.
Thomas and Ashley Baker to Michael and Paula Smith, A fraction of the South Half of Section 15, Township 10 South, Range 2 West.
Michael and Paula Smith to Thomas and Ashley Baker, A fraction of the South Half of Section 15, Township 10 South, Range 2 West.
William and Judy Meek to Aaron Weiss, Lot 23 of Glen Alden Subdivision.
Oxford 216, LLC to Thomas Reed, et al., Unit 411, Rowandale Condominiums.
Charles Gant and Craig Brown to Joel and Paula Jo Byrd, Unit 504 of Calton Hill Condominiums.
Bryce and Kimberly Britsch to Kimberly Britsch, Unit 6202, Fairmont Condominiums.
Bill Plunk to Eddie Reynolds, Part of Section 1, Township 10 South, Range 5 West, and part of Section 6, Township 10 South, Range 4 West.
Stillwater Oxford, LLC to Mark Hackney, et al., Unit 1, Stillwater Oxford Condominiums.
Community Donuts, Inc. to Chantha Tan, Fractional part of Lot 170 in Section 28, Township 8 South, Range 3 West.
Burk and Brett Berry to Lanny Berry, 78 PR 5007, Lot 3 (Teckville Trailer Court).
S2S Newport Exchange, LLC, et al. to Andrew Callicutt, A fraction of the Southeast Quarter of Section 32, Township 8 South, Range 3 West.
LT2, LLC to Greg and Tracy Gowen, Lot 94 of The Grove at Grand Oaks Subdivision.
Pinelake Church, Inc. to Jerry and Melissa Jeffress, Unit 8, Provence Park Condominiums.
Adriana Logan to Jonah King, et al., Lot 70 of Franklin Farms Subdivision.
John and Melinda Poag to John Beck and Patricia Sheehan, Unit 1902, Esplanade Condominiums.
Kalvin and Ruby Weathers to Ruby and Charlene Weathers, A fraction of the Northwest Quarter of Section 4, Township 9 South, Range 4 West.
Seashell, LLC to Gary and Kelly Parrish, Unit 11A of Oxford Ridge Condominiums.
The Crossing at Oxford Commons, LLC to Eduardo and Traci Prieto, Unit 1213 of The Crossing at Oxford Commons Condominiums.
Glarretter Carter-Burks, et al. to Four Sisters Investment Club, LLC, Two parcels in Section 27, Township 9 South, Range 4 West.
Marvin and Margaret Yates to Inga Juchheim and Philip Knight, Lot 75, Goose Creek Estates Subdivivision.
Grand Oaks Village, LLC to Kelton and Catherine McClinton, Unit 21 of Grand Oaks Village Condominiums.
Vintage Lily Property and Design, LLC to Jeffrey and Tracie Hudson, Unit 604, The Mill of Oxford Condominiums.
McCloud Family, LLC to Neil Smart, Unit 1505 of High Pointe Condominiums.
Dunn Fornea Properties, LLC to Robert McDonough, Unit 4202 of Fairmont Condominiums.
Rebecca Heflin to Louis Vazquez, Unit 3301, Esplanade Condominiums.
Michael and Laurie Velasquez to Mary Harrington, Lot 45 of Woodlawn Subdivision.
Molly Martin to Baker Martin, Lot 22 of Eagle Pointe II Subdivision.
Errington Properties, LLC to Dalton and Tana Massey, Unit 217, Cotton Creek Condominiums.

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