Southern living beats the heat

Published 6:45 am Wednesday, August 23, 2023

By Jan Penton-Miller

The hot, hot days make me appreciate the slight breeze and cooler temperatures. We all know that here in the Deep South cooler is truly a relative term.

I’m excited that the thermometer is predicted to top out in the low 90’s instead of hitting triple digits. I’m thankful that fall is right around the corner, and I always feel as if I can’t wait until that first little hint of fall.

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It’s comical almost that folks from this far south can feel that change in the weather even if it’s minute. Haven’t you overheard a conversation that goes something like this?

“This morning I woke up and went out on the porch for coffee without sweat pouring down my neck. I can just feel fall in the air!”

The summer heat either makes us as snappy as an arthritic snapping turtle or we think like perpetual Pollyanna’s feeling fall at the slightest reprieve. I confess that on occasion I fall into the first category, but usually my Pollyanna side wins out.

Today is definitely a Pollyanna day. I awakened early and rustled Missy out of bed to share a cup of coffee and a walk. She actually does share coffee with me because I always throw the last little bit onto the grass. Missy makes a dash from her comfy spot on the porch to lick the grass. I think she enjoys her little bit of coffee as much as I do.

The stars were twinkling, and the air was almost cool. I definitely felt a hint of fall in the air while I had my morning talk with the Lord. After a few minutes I got Missy’s new harness and leash and went to the walking track. There were a few early birds out enjoying the morning, and I took a few sunrise pics. There is something about a sunrise or a sunset that fills up the place inside me that longs for beauty.

I am in awe each time at the majesty of creation. To realize that the Creator of the universe sees me as I soak up the beauty and cares about what I care about blows me away. Missy is getting older and doesn’t go as far as she once did, but she is so sneaky and funny. She walks so slowly on her way away from the car that my heart almost breaks for her. When we turn around to go back to the car she practically runs. She gets me almost every time!

After taking her bad self home I went to the pool at the cornerstone for water aerobics. Karen asked us all to hold hands and share any prayer requests. There were many, and we lifted one another up to the Father. Then we laughed and laughed and laughed as we exercised and cracked jokes.

Next, it’s off to a local coffee shop to sit and enjoy a cold drink while I write. I love living in this small southern town.

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