Oxford City Planning Commission approves medical center for Specialty Orthopedic Group

Published 2:00 pm Monday, September 11, 2023

In a unanimous decision, the Oxford City Planning Commission approved both the site plan and variance requests for the Specialty Orthopedic Group’s proposed medical center. The approval came during the commission’s meeting on Aug. 14 and cleared the way to construct a two-story facility in the Colonnade Crossing area.

The project, formally known as Case No. 2993, includes a two-story medical center with an approximate footprint of 24,151 square feet, totaling around 43,450 square feet. The site plan adheres to standards on landscaping, lighting, architecture and building materials. Additionally, it surpasses the minimum parking requirement of 174 spaces, adding 10 extra spots.

Alongside the site plan, the Specialty Orthopedic Group had two variance requests under Case No. 2992. The first request sought permission to exceed the Traditional Neighborhood Business (TNB) district’s standard 20,000-square-foot limit for medical uses. The commission approved the request, following staff recommendations that highlighted the specialized nature of the services to be provided at the facility, including advanced medical treatments and orthopedic care.

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The second variance concerned deviation from the standard 58-foot maximum build-to line for the property’s north and east front yards. The commission also approved this request, citing the property’s unique three-fronted lot configuration and the need for the project to align with the character of the surrounding neighborhood.

With the commission’s approval of the site plan and variance requests, the Specialty Orthopedic Group is now authorized to go ahead with construction. The medical center, located at the northwest corner of Highway 30 and Concordia Drive in the Colonnade Crossing Subdivision, will offer the community advanced medical treatments, specialized orthopedic care and Ambulatory Surgical Facilities (ASC).