A great opportunity

Published 8:00 am Wednesday, September 20, 2023

By Jan Penton-Miller

On this brisk morning I sit with my coffee enjoying the birds and contemplating the day ahead. 

As usual for most Monday mornings I’m thinking back over yesterday’s sermon. I don’t know about the rest of the congregation, but each week I’m convicted of something that needs to change in my life. 

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This week my main takeaway was the realization that many times I plan my day without asking God what He would have me do. I’m totally guilty of that so this morning I consciously ask for His direction and guidance.    

In the big scheme of things what I think makes very little difference, but what my heavenly Father has in mind may have an eternal consequence for someone. That’s a pretty heavy thought, but I believe it. How will today be different? I have no idea, but when that still small voice nudges me to do something that may not be in my playbook I’ll be more aware that my plans are truly not that consequential, but His certainly are.     

My buddy, Anne, and I are taking a ride to shop for a few things today. Fun with friends is always on my list, and as I have mentioned before Anne and I are more like sisters. There is something so satisfying about a friendship that is enduring. We have been friends for over 50 years so we definitely have the dirt on each other!      

I’ll be shopping for goodies to create a basket for the upcoming Picayune Writers Symposium. A group of people interested in writing began to meet in 2002, and now the group is in its 21st year. 

Many faces have changed over the years, but the heart of the group is still the same. This group encourages members to actively pursue their writing goals whether for publication or for their children to know some family history.    

If you are currently a writer or simply have an interest in writing come join us for the 14th Annual Writers Symposium. It will be held on Saturday, Sept. 30, at the Crosby Memorial Library on Goodyear Boulevard in Picayune.  Doors open at 8:30 a.m. There is something so satisfying about spending time with people who are pursuing a common interest.     

Admission is totally free and includes a continental breakfast and lunch, as well as a parade of prizes and the opportunity to browse books by local authors. 

So I’m off to shop for my goodie basket, and I’ll try to make it a good one. It is always a great day filled with good information and comradery among the attendees, and the awesome speakers are sure to encourage. 

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