Wesley campaigning for Cannon competition

Published 7:50 am Wednesday, September 20, 2023

By Harold Brummett
Denmark Star Route

Wesley has entered the Cannon Canine Competition. Some of Wesley’s exploits can be read in an earlier article (April 4, 2023). 

To highlight, Wes is a farm dog. Snake bit twice, two trips to Mississippi State University Veterinary School for various injuries sustained on the job, as well as several trips to local veterinarians. 

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Wesley’s pedigree is indeterminate. Dropped off on the side of Highway 7 and then taken to the animal shelter is as far back in his history we can go. The only thing we are certain (short of a DNA test) is that there is no cat involved in his lineage.  

The original John Wesley Hardin was an outlaw of the Old West. While Wes is no outlaw, he has the same spirit of going all out in any canine endeavor in which he is involved. Wesley loves to ride but hates the highway. 

Around the farm, he is in the passenger seat sitting up, alert and ready to take off in pursuit if something interests him. When Wesley travels on the highway he gets on the floorboard or the back seat. I am undecided if he is still terrified after being dropped off as a pup on the highway or a testament to my driving skills. 

When the weather allows and errands in town permit Wesley will travel with me to get fast food. The order is always the same, plain hamburger just meat and bread. Every move from ordering to exchanging paper for the food is watched closely and by the time we get the bag anticipation has grown to the point where Wesley can barely contain himself. 

We will move to a shade somewhere, the burger torn into bite size pieces so Wesley will not wolf down his food. 

There is no doubt every young boy needs a dog and every old man needs one too. Dogs are the best companions and while conversation is one sided, no secrets told will ever be repeated, no better listener will ever be found. 

I am glad Michael Joe Cannon started this competition. Pedigree requirements and physical standards are limited to being alive, but most of all pride in one’s companion and love are all that is needed. 

Vote for Wesley if you don’t have a dog. If you do and want to enter the competition email the name of the canine; your name and contact information plus a photo of the canine and name of business to CannonCanineCompetition@gmail.com.

If you want to vote for Wesley or your favorite go to cannonnissanofoxford.com.  

All dogs are winners if they have a comfortable place to stay, good food and a caring, loving human.   

Write to Harold Brummett at denmarkmississippi@hotmail.com.