Lafayette County School District rises to 13th in state

Published 6:40 am Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Each school shows growth – LHS show marked increase

In a significant achievement, the Lafayette County School District (LCSD) has secured the 13th position in the statewide district accountability scores for the 2022-23 academic year, as announced by the Mississippi Department of Education. This ranking represents the district’s highest score in its history.

The LCSD’s overall score reached 741 points, marking a 47-point increase from the last academic year. Each school within the district showcased notable progress. 

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Lafayette High School (LHS) led the way with a remarkable growth, moving from 729 to 836 points, an increase of 107 points.

Lafayette Upper Elementary (LUES) improved its standing by elevating its grade from a “B” to an “A” with a 60-point rise. Lafayette Elementary (LES) enhanced its score by 72 points, continuing to hold its “A” grade, while Lafayette Middle School (LMS) registered a growth of 21 points.

A standout feature in the scores was the performance in math across all grade levels. LUES and LMS achieved growth scores of 78.8 and 72.4, respectively. Both LES and LHS surpassed the growth score mark of 100 points.

Superintendent Jay Foster attributed the district’s success to the combined efforts of employees, teachers, students and parents. He emphasized the district’s focus on individual student growth and proficiency levels as a driving force behind the improved scores.

The importance of foundational learning in the early grades was also highlighted, with a particular emphasis on literacy and socio-emotional development, ensuring students are equipped for future academic challenges.

The district’s commitment to secondary education, particularly through the College and Career preparation and the CTE programs, played a significant role in the overall performance.

In recognition of this achievement, LCSD plans to host a celebration ceremony on November 2nd, with more details to be released to the community in the near future.