Outlaw Bikers Gang returns Sunday

Published 7:30 am Wednesday, October 18, 2023

“The Outlaw Biker” returns to the Powerhouse to celebrate in true outlaw fashion for its 10th anniversary of the production and the publication of the Outlaw Biker book. The anniversary celebration will take place on Sunday, Oct 22, at 5:30 p.m. at the Powerhouse Community Arts Center.

Tyler Keith’s inspiration for The Outlaw Biker, a music-filled play, started with images from growing up in the 70s of the tough, lone greaser who could intimidate an entire gang of would-be toughs.  

That seed grew when he was working at As Seen on TV, the Oxford video shop, and watching biker films while at work – The Wild Angels and Hell’s Angels on Wheels amongst others.  

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His love of these moves brings us to the Outlaw Biker, a nearly supernatural figure, looming at all times over the story. A darker version of the Fonz of Happy Days. 

The Outlaw Biker premiered at the Powerhouse Community Theatre on Halloween 11 years ago. A play with music and musicians as the actors. Adopting the caricatures of the different personalities found in the biker genre from the rowdy mass of rival gangs, innocent girls, pacifists, and of course the twisted character for whom the play is named.  

The event will feature the release of a book about the Outlaw Biker featuring photos from the performance, Keith’s original script, and lyrics from the songs.  The evening will feature a screening of the live filming of the play, a panel discussion featuring Keith, and a special performance by The Preachers Kids.  

Tickets for the event are $10 a portion of which will support the Arts Council capital project to expand the Powerhouse to include a Humanities Hub which will offer creative space for regional artists.

The proposed Humanities Hub will expand the Powerhouse offering studio space for artists, classroom space, a maker’s space, and a commercial kitchen. YAC secured a leadership gift from the National Endowment for the Humanities and has been working with the Building Fund for the Arts and Mississippi Archives and History to take the next steps. 

Tickets are on sale and available through the Arts Council at oxfordarts.com.  Books will be on sale the night of the event.