Board of Aldermen revisit Oxford Commons PUD Modifications

Published 7:51 am Thursday, October 19, 2023

The Oxford Board of Aldermen revisited previously denied modifications to the Oxford Commons Planned Unit Development (PUD) and associated road connections during its latest meeting on Tuesday, Oct 17. The public reading of the requested changes served as a precursor to further community engagement on the issue, with a platform for public opinion set for the next board meeting.

At the core of the matter are the modifications proposed for Oxford Commons PUD, initially rejected by the Oxford Planning Commission. The changes include a potential road connection between a residential area east of Oxford High School (Tract N) and Campground Road (CR 217) to improve road access within the community. Blackburn Communities, LLC, the development company behind the proposal, stressed the need for enhanced connectivity to Oxford due to growth along Campground Road.

The earlier denial spurred questions about the status of Lakewood Hills Drive in Oxford Commons community (Tract G). The proposed changes could have affected whether this road remains private or transitions to the public, a shift with implications for maintenance costs and access control.

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Community members had mixed reactions to the Planning Commission’s decision, with some appreciating the maintenance of the status quo on Lakewood Hills Drive. Others, advocating for better connectivity and road improvements, were disappointed. Concerns were also raised about the potential traffic impact on Campground Road, described as narrow and curvy with proximity to houses.

Lynn and Sandy Ingram wrote to the city, “Our primary concern is the increased traffic. Given the current building on one end of Commonwealth Blvd of 194 Apartment units and the new section of condos and cottages on the other end, we are going to see a significant increase on Sisk Avenue.”

The upcoming board meeting will open the floor for further public opinions, leading to collaborative discussions between the community and city officials on the proposed modifications.

This issue underscores the ongoing dialogue on road connectivity, private versus public roads, and community development within Oxford Commons, with both community members and city officials working jointly to shape the area’s future.