Being a Nerd fan can be costly. Twizzle instead.

Published 11:19 am Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Popping some Nerd candy into your mouth while you wait to hand out Halloween candy can turn out to be a horror if you’re not careful. Check out the Halloween candy with the most and least sugar intake, according to new data:

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  • Nerds Candy ranks as the candy with the highest sugar quantity, with a substantial 93g of sugar per 100g.
  • Sour Patch Kids closely follow, with 80g of sugar, while Swedish Fish rank third, with 77g.
  • Twizzlers stand out as the lowest-sugar option this Halloween, with only 38g of sugar per 100g.

This Halloween, a new study has found that Nerds Candy contains the highest quantity of sugar, as opposed to Twizzlers, which has the least. The research, conducted by nicotine pouch enthusiasts Snusboss, analyzed more than 50 beloved Halloween candies to uncover which products contained the most sugar per 100 grams.

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Nerds Candy leads the ranking this Halloween with a notable 93g of sugar per 100g. With more than 135,000 pounds of Nerds produced every single day, a recommended serving size of 15g is advised due to its substantial sugar content, representing 2 percent of the daily recommended added-sugar intake.

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Securing second position is Sour Patch Kids, which, despite their relatively low-calorie content, measuring in at 367 calories per 100g, contain a significant 80g of sugar. These fun-shaped snacks have enjoyed popularity among consumers since their establishment in 1985. Unfortunately, they also rank among the candies with the highest sugar content per serving, with 30g of product containing 24g of sugar.

In third place is Swedish Fish. Despite sharing a similar calorie count with Sour Patch Kids at 367 per 100g, Swedish Fish contain a slightly lower sugar content of 77g per 100g. It’s important to highlight that indulging in five of these small fish-shaped candies will contribute to a significant 46 percent of your recommended daily added sugar intake.

With an astonishing annual production of over 9 billion kernels and its own national day, Candy Corn secures the fourth spot, containing 74g of sugar per 100g of the product. This seasonal favorite might make trick-or-treaters hesitate, as it ranks among the candies with the highest sugar content per serving, with 23g of sugar in a recommended 30g portion.

Skittles, another candy beloved by Americans, claims the fifth position with 73g of sugar per 100g of the product—just falling short of Candy Corn. This colorful treat’s appeal extends across the globe, as it’s sold in more than 60 countries. However, even a small 15g portion of Skittles contributes significantly, constituting 22 percent of your daily recommended added sugar intake.

Rounding out the top ten, you will find Sugar Babies and Sweet Tarts, both containing just under 73g of sugar. Charms Blow Pops are a close contender with 72g of sugar, and Werther’s and Dum Dum Pops each contain 69g of sugar.

To the left are Halloween candies with the highest sugar content, while the list to the right reveals the candy with the lowest sugar content:

Rank Product name Sugar content per 100 grams   Rank Product name Sugar content per 100 grams
1 Nerds Candy 93 1 Twizzlers 38
2 Sour Patch Kids 80 2 Red Vines 40
3 Swedish Fish 77 3 Butterfinger 41
4 Candy Corn 74 4 Twinkie 42
5 Skittles 73 5 Whatchamacallit 44
6 Sugar Babies 73 6 Mounds 44
7 Sweet Tarts 73 7 Sour Punch Twists 47
8 Charms Blow Pops 72 8 Haribo Goldbears 47
9 Werther’s Candy 69 9 Almond Joy 47
10 Dum Dum Pop 69 10 Dove Dark Chocolate Bar 47

In contrast, Twizzlers emerge as a more health-conscious choice. These licorice candies stand out with the lowest sugar content, measuring just 38g per 100g of the product—nearly 2.5 times less sugar than Nerds. Notably, Twizzlers also secure the second-lowest calorie count per 100g, narrowly surpassed by Funables Fruit Snacks, at 324 calories.

Next in the lineup is Red Vines, often seen as a direct competitor to Twizzlers. Opting for a 30g recommended serving will consume approximately half the sugar content when compared to Swedish Fish, totaling 12g. This licorice brand also finds its place among the candies with lower calorie counts, registering at just 333 calories per 100g.

Ranked third is Butterfinger, the first chocolate bar in the ranking, featuring 41g of sugar per 100g. This confection has seen a recent uptick in popularity among American consumers, with a sales increase of 19.5 percent to reach $57.6 million in the past year. An 18g fun-sized Butterfinger bar will constitute 14 percent of your recommended daily added sugar intake.

An American classic, with 1,123 Twinkies rolling off the production line every minute, secures the fourth spot with 42g of sugar per 100g of the product. While they boast a relatively low-calorie count of 364 calories per 100g, it’s noteworthy that Twinkies also fall within the Top 10 candies for sugar content per portion, featuring 32g of sugar in a 77g product serving.

In fifth place is the Whatchamacallit bar, with just under 44g of sugar per 100g of product. This 1970s classic chocolate bar has been a staple in trick-or-treat baskets for decades. For reference, a 25g serving will contribute 120 calories and 11g of sugar.

Completing the list at just over 44g of sugar is a Mounds Bar, closely followed by Sour Punch Twists, Haribo Goldbears, Almond Joy and Dove Dark Chocolate Bar, all at 47g of sugar each.

Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson for Snusboss said: “As Halloween approaches, this research provides valuable insights into the sugar content of many well-loved products. It serves as a valuable resource for parents, helping them make informed choices for their children when trick-or-treating.

(Billy Mangino/Unsplash)

“Whether you prefer traditional favorites or are curious about new options, Americans can use this knowledge to make mindful choices when choosing which Halloween candy to give to trick-or-treaters this year.”

Sources include: YouGov and Walmart. 


Rank Product Name Sugar Content per 100 Grams
1 Nerds Candy 93
2 Sour Patch Kids 80
3 Swedish Fish 77
4 Candy Corn 74
5 Skittles (Original) 73
6 Sugar Babies 73
7 Sweet Tarts 73
8 Charms Blow Pops 72
9 Werther’s Candies 69
10 Dum Dum Pop 69
11 Air Head 69
12 3 Musketeers 67
13 York Peppermint Pattie 67
14 Tootsie Roll Pop 65
15 M&Ms (Original) 63
16 Rolo Candy 63
17 Heath Bar 61
18 Mars Bar 61
19 Jolly Ranchers 61
20 Toblerone Bar 61
21 Mike and Ike 60
22 Milky Way Bar 59
23 Laffy Taffy 59
24 Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar 58
25 Nestle Crunch Bar 58
26 Whoppers 57
27 Hershey’s Kisses 56
28 Dove Milk Chocolate Bar 56
29 Starbursts 55
30 Kit Kat 54
31 Baby Ruth Bar 54
32 Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Bar 54
33 Reese’s Pieces 53
34 Salt Water Taffy 53
35 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup 52
36 Peanut M&M’s 52
37 Snickers Bar 52
38 100 Grand Bar 52
39 Tootsie Roll 52
40 Hershey’s Krackel Bar 51
41 Twix Bar 50
42 Andres Chocolate Mints 50
43 Mr. Goodbar 50
44 Funables Fruit Snacks 50
45 Ring Pop 50
46 Dove Dark Chocolate Bar 47
47 Almond Joy 47
48 Haribo Goldbears 47
49 Sour Punch Twists 47
50 Mounds Bar 44
51 Whatchamacallit Bar 44
52 Twinkie 42
53 Butterfinger 41
54 Red Vines 40
55 Twizzlers 38