Property Transfers

Published 8:22 am Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Property transfers between Sept. 25-29, 2023, as recorded with the Lafayette County Chancery Clerk:

Bryan and Emily Taylor to MarcusMorris, LLC, Unit 15, Jackson Square Condominiums.

Grand Oaks Village, LLC to William and Alicia Spencer, Unit 19 of Grand Oaks Village Condominiums.

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Stillwater Oxford, LLC to Jacqueline Davis, Unit 55 of Stillwater Oxford Condominiums.

Forest Hill Development, LLC to Kelly N. Powell and Kelly B. Powell, Lot 63 of Oakmont Subdivision.

Bruce and Shirley Chamberlain to Jimin Kahng and Hongjun Seo, Lot 29, Graystone Point Subdivision.

Dale and Penny Hart to Anthony and Racheal Waller, Part of Section 25, Township 9 South, Range 5 West.

Larry Dean to Church Hill MS, LLC, Unit 107, Kudzu Cove Condominiums.

Bennie Wright, Jr. to D&A Ventures, LLC, Unit 2104 of Fieldstone Farms Condominiums.

Jeff and Rushelle Hudson to Tommy Joe Watson and Brenda Watson, 3.33 acres in Section 11, Township 8 South, Range 1 East.

Donna and Robert Patterson to Mitchell Thweatt, 1 acre in Section 19, Township 9 South, Range 2 West.

Frank Gillard to Ayad Alabdi, 1.78 acres in Section 32, Township 8 South, Range 3 West.

Timothy and Mary Margaret Boudreaux to James Parrish, A fraction of Section 14, Township 10 South, Range 3 West.

Oxford 216, LLC to William L. Craig and William H. Craig, Unit 614 of Rowandale Condominiums.

High Noon Ventures, LLC to Shawn Parry and Susan McDaniel, Lot 38 of Langston Village Subdivision. 

Gloria Durley to LeighCo, LLC, Unt 65, Soleil Condominiums.

William and Andrea Spencer to Joseph and Amy Harris, Lot 90, Northpointe Subdivision.

Benjamin Hardin, et al. to Troy and Sandra Hardin, Unit 19, Tuscan Hills Condominiums.

Edwin and Priscilla Koen to Dennis and Carrie Ott, Lot 5 of The Azaleas.

Thomas Steeno to Chrain Properties, LLC, Lot 22 of Eagle Point II Subdivision.

Mountain Top Capital, LLC to Seitoku Hoffman, Unit 16, West End Condominiums. 

Dorothy Swicewood Corey and Rhonda Allen, Lot 22, Oakshire Park Subdivision.

Timothy Ledford, et al. to Caysie Vinson, Southwest Quarter of Section 35, Township 8 South, Range 3 West.

Outstanding Oxford Rental Property & Services, LLC to Daniel and Erin Sisco, Unit 3102 of The Mark Condominiums.

Raymond Bryan to Dorothy Reid, A fraction of Section 3, Township 9 South, Range 2 West.

Dorothy Reid to Dorothy and David Reid, A tract of land in Section 3, Township 9 South, Range 2 West.

127 Properties, LLC to Kenneth and Lindsay Renier, Unit E5, Old Taylor Place Condominiums.

Cheyenne Shumpert to Raul Palomera and Leticia Leyva, Fraction of Section 11, Township 8 South, Range 3 West.

Delta Hearthstone Properties, LLC to Christopher Eckert, Lot 20 of Gum Tree Subdivision.

Kenneth and Kaytee Hazlewood to W. Roland and Elaine Clark, A fraction of Section 12, Township 9 South, Range 3 West.

Ernest Sadler to Bryan and Cornelia Lantrip, Unit 4902, The Mark Condominiums.

Paul and Mamie Kosko to Southern Developers Group, LLC, Lot 102 of The Grove at Grand Oaks Subdivision.

Joy Hux to Joy and Howard Hux, Lot 131, Royal Oaks Estates Subdivision.

WPJR Development, LLC to Jeffrey Galey and Jeffrey Grimes, Fraction of Lot 65 in Section 28, Township 8 South, Range 3 West.

Dino and Caroline Grisanti to Drew and Laura Hall, Lot 57, Breckenridge Subdivision.

Terrance Taylor to Jay and Rachel Atkins, Two tracts of land in Sections 5 and 8, Township 9 South, Range 1 West.

Jay and Rachel Atkins to Terrance Taylor, A fraction of Section 8, Township 9 South, Range 1 West.

Grand Oaks Village, LLC to Gary and Barbara Erickson, Unit 10, Grand Oaks Village Condominiums.

Chad Ramsey to Robert and Callie Ellis, Lot 70 of Woodson Ridge Subdivision.

Canterbury Cove, LLC to Justin Tyson and Toysha Barnes, Northeast Quarter of Section 15, Township 9, Range 4 West.