Mississippi’s general election nears: key information, reminders

Published 10:03 pm Saturday, November 4, 2023

Mississippi’s general election is quickly approaching, with fewer than three days left until Nov. 7. This election includes various positions, with a significant focus on the governor’s office at the statewide level, as well as county and county district positions.

For those looking to stay informed about this important event, the My Election Day portal offers a convenient way to access election information tailored to your specific address.

Polling place location: Find your polling place via the polling place locator on the
“My Election Day” portal or contact your county Circuit Clerk’s 0ffice or local election commissioners.

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According to information provided by the Secretary of State’s office, polling stations for the general election will open their doors at 7 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. Importantly, any voter who is in line at 7 p.m. will have the legal right to cast their ballot.

In the event of any issues encountered at polling places, whether observed by state observers or reported to the Elections Division, these matters will be forwarded to relevant authorities, including the attorney general’s office or the appropriate district attorney’s office, as outlined by the Secretary of State’s Office. The Secretary of State’s Office states it does not possess enforcement authority regarding election-related matters.

For those with questions related to the elections, assistance is available by contacting the Elections Division at (800) 829-6786, sending an email to ElectionsAnswers@sos.ms.gov, or visiting YallVote.ms.

Here are some important reminders for election day:

  • Mail-in absentee voting deadline: Mail-in absentee ballots must be postmarked by Nov. 7 and received by county circuit clerk ofices by Nov. 15.
  • Voter ID affidavit ballot deadline: Voters who cast an affidavit ballot due to voter ID requirements must present an acceptable form of photo ID to their Circuit Clerk’s Office by Nov. 15.
  • Voter Photo ID: Voters are required to show photo identification at the polls. Individuals without an acceptable form of photo ID may cast an affidavit ballot.
  • Campaigning: The Secretary of State’s office specifies that campaigning for any candidate within 150 feet of any entrance to a polling place is unlawful, unless it takes place on private property.
  • Loitering: To ensure the smooth flow of the electoral process, polling places should remain clear for 30 feet from every entrance, with exceptions made for elections officials, voters waiting to vote or authorized poll watchers.
  • Camera phones: Voters should be aware that taking pictures of their marked ballots is prohibited, according to information from the Secretary of State’s office.