Property Transfers

Published 7:20 am Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Property transfers between Oct. 16-20, 2023, as recorded with the Lafayette County Chancery Clerk:

Martha Barnes and James Murphy to Scott and Melanie Steed, Unit 122, Orleans Oaks Condominiums.

Grand Oaks Village, LLC to Phil and Stacy Harrison, Unit 6 of Grand Oaks Village Condominiums.

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Security Investment Trust to Mary Jane Thornton, Unit 12, Grand Oaks Vista Golf Cottages.

Nora Jordan to Carnelious and Wionna Watson, 0.75 acres in Section 16, Township 7 South, Range 3 West.

Michael Stafford and Emily Carnathan to Paul and Holland McElyea, Lot 21 of Glen Alden Subdivision.

David and Cinda Divjak to Curtis and Gina Baird, Lot 34 of Aspen Ridge Subdivision.

Willie Fisher, et al. to Howard and Charlie Fisher, Southwest Quarter of Section 15, Township 9 South, Range 4 West.

Edward and Johanne Bryant to Sean and Jaclyn Kloecker, Unit 66, West End Condominiums.

Brad and Holly Armstrong to Mary Davis, A parcel in Section 20, Township 8 South, Range 3 West.

Persimmon Property, LLC to Michael Stafford and Emily Carnathan, Lot 52, The Heights Subdivision.

Robert and Barbara Shaw to L3 Farms, LLC, Two tracts in Section 6, Township 8 South, Range 3 West.

L3 Farms, LLC to Robert and Barbara Shaw, Southwest Quarter of Section 6, Township 8 South, Range 3 West.

LT2, LLC to Surya and Amanda Gunasekara, Lot 93 of The Grove at Grand Oaks.

Aldo and Lisa Serrano to Paul and Mamie Kosko, Lot 79 of The Highlands Subdivision.

Bradley and Amy Graham to Fresh Properties, LLC, Lot 144, Avent Acres Subdivision.

Jonathan and Rachel Isbell to ESB Properties, LLC, Unit 1102, The Mill of Oxford Condominiums.

Charles Stepp and Derek Joseph to Tommye McCrory, 1.0 acre in Section 28, Township 6 South, Range 4 West.

Thomas Horn, et ux. to Rebel Trail Properties, LLC, Unit L2, Old Taylor Place Condominiums.

514 Jackson, LLC to Jamie Carr, Unit 204, 514 Jackson Condominiums.

Lifestyle Homes, LLC to Diane Smulling, Unit 114, Fieldstone Farms Condominiums.

Reba Greer to John and Patricia Sepko, Unit 4608, The Mark Condominiums.

Dana Herron to Jessie Herron, A fraction of the Northeast Quarter of Section 32, Township 8 South, Range 2 West.

Ronald and Caroline Franks to Austin and Jessica Smithwick, Lot 42 of Langston Mile Village Subdivision.

Susan Brown to David Couch, Lot 3 of Buford Ridge, Sardis Reservoir.

Tracey Burton to Jose Guerra and Sayra Morales,  2.0 acres in Section 21, Township 9 South, Range 1 West.  

STK Oxbridge Group, LLC to Larry and Marah Watts, Lot 101, Woodson Ridge Subdivision.

Harry McDonald to Savannah and Josh Daniels, 12.83 acres in Section 15 and 22, Township 8 South, Range 5 West.

Chandresh and Jagruti Patel to Brad and Holly Armstrong, Lot 4, Wellsgate.

Clarke and Pala Reeves to Chance Reeves, A fraction of the Southwest Quarter of Section 10, Township 10 South, Range 5 West.

Sue Dabbs to Kerry Wigginton, Lot 311 of The Lakes Subdivision.

Larry and Wanda Hanshaw to Ronald and Caroline Franks, Lot 73 of Northpointe Subdivision.

The Crossing at Oxford Commons to Richard and Holly Lehecka, Unit 1511, The Crossing at Oxford Commons.

David Pittman to Joseph and Dante DiStefano, Unit 46, Provence Park Condominiums.

Stephanie Parker to Oxford Ridgecrest, LLC, Lot 4 of Ridgecrest Subdivision.

Old Taylor Development, LLC to Alexis Jenkins, Lots 1, 2 and 4 of Cedar Bend Subdivision.

Betty Jo Gresham to Edward and Jacqueline Patten, Unit 8 of Grand Vista Golf Cottages at Grand Oaks.

Reggie Mize to Blake Cain, 17.10 acres in Section 22, Township 10 South, Range 2 West.