Cofield’s Corner

Published 7:14 am Wednesday, November 15, 2023

By John Cofield

It is the highest point in Lafayette County. 

And high on the list of events that could round out a weekend night for Square squatters, who would pile into someone’s pickup truck and head out.

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It might be for a chicken run to B-Quik on Jackson. We laughingly referred to the trip with one word…”Bird?” Another place on the list was McElreath’s Lake. Many a night a truckload jumped off the cliff and swung out on the rope. 

And then, “Thacker” was a keyword from our teenage summer nights. And off to dizzying heights, we climbed into some good and some wild memories. 

Two or three others whose names you would recognize, and yours truly, were sowing some wild oats and drinking beer at the top of Thacker Mountain Tower. 

Rudely, I flipped an empty bottle over my shoulder. After the appropriate chemical pause, we realized we never heard it crash when it hit bottom.

We slowly looked over the rail and there was one of the town keeper’s goats lying sprawled out under the streetlight by the guy’s house, dead! 

Our exit resembled the one in “Animal House” after the horse dropped dead in Dean Warner’s office. — An Oxford teen