Property Transfers

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Property transfers between Oct. 23-27, 2023, as recorded with the Lafayette County Chancery Clerk:

Champions Development, LLC to Noel and Roxanne Womack, Lot 96 of Woodson Ridge Subdivision.

Thomas and Dorothy Howorth to Guy and Stacy Shoaf, A parcel of land in Section 20, Township 8 South, Range 3 West.

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Jennifer Schloegel to Lindsay Batten, Unit 10 of Bickerstaff Place.

Katelyn Stowell to Jonathan Broom, Northeast Quarter of Section 26, Township 8 South, Range 3 West.

The Crossing at Oxford Commons, LLC to Julia Novak, et al., Unit 1512, The Crossing at Oxford Commons.

Rivers Myres, III to H. Rivers Myres, IV and Mary Myres, Lot 37, Country Club Subdivision.

Mustafa and Ayse Altinakar to Mary Ann Wood, Lot 97 of Woodland Hills Estates.

Oxford 216, LLC to Charles and Amy Barnett, Unit 632, Rowandale Condominiums.

Vijay and Aparna Nandula to John and Jeanne Whitfield, Unit 25, Harris Grove Condominiums.

Bobby and Doris Cobb to Damian Farias and Guadalupe Ruiz, Northeast and Southeast Quarters of Section 10, Township 9 South, Range 3 West.

Sean and Tiffany Monahan to Fishsean Properties, LLC, Unit 22, The Hamlet Condominiums.

Strawhat Properties, LLC to Danny and Brandi Sanders, Lot 7, Sanders Valley Subdivision.

Malcolm Jones to Thompson Family Investments and Holdings, LLC, A fraction of Section 17 and a fraction of Section 28, both in Township 8 South, Range 4 West.

Gary and Diane Carter to Diane Carter and Mary Jumper, Southwest Quarter of Section 24, Township 7 South, Range 1 East. 

801 Deerfield, LLC to Dylan Sims, Lot 13, Deerfield Subdivision.

Rossum Construction, LLC to Sid Robinson, Lot 8 of Pea Ridge Subdivision.

William and Jessica Embry to William Embry, II, 9 PR 3057, Unit 6.

Hunter and Olivia Hastings to Jonathan and Rachell Isbell, Lot 19, Pebble Creek Subdivision.

Oxford 216, LLC to William and Sheryl Spohn, Unit 642, Rowandale Condominiums.

514 Jackson, LLC to Kevin Horan, Unit 103, 514 Jackson Condominiums.

Damian Farias to Bobby and Doris Cobb, A fraction of the Southeast Quarter of Section 10, Township 9 South, Range 3 West.

William Reynolds to Real Stock, LLC, Lot 2 of Windsor Townhomes.

Reynolds Holdings, LLC to Real Stock, LLC, Lots 1, 3, 5, 7, 8 and 12 of Windsor Townhomes.

James Mars, II, et al. to Dolphin, LLC, Unit 205, Edinburgh Place.

Vishakha Rawool to Kathleen Nalley, Lot 4, Briarwood Subdivision.

Wesley Daniel, et al. to Casey Tindoll, Lot 9, Shiloh Place Subdivision.

Hamel Brennan Properties, LLC to 900 Grant, LLC, Unit 87, Stillwater Oxford Condominiums.

Wade and Betsy Creekmore to WBC I, LLC, Units 9 and 10, The Dell Condominiums; A fraction of Lot 43, Section 28, Township 8 South, Range 3 West.

Field Properties, LLC to Professional Drive Ventures, LLC, South Half of Sectoin 33, Township 8 South, Range 3 West.

Phase 4, LLC to North Lamar Construction, LLC, Lots 97 and 98, The Lamar Subdivision.

Updraft Investments, LLC and AE Lamar QOZB, LLC to AE Lamar Phase I, LLC, Southeast Quarter of Section 16, Township 8 South, Range 3 West.