A day to give thanks

Published 11:10 am Wednesday, November 22, 2023

With the holiday season fast approaching I have to wonder why in the world I chose this time to get rid of my cataracts! Miss Pollyanna thought that recovery would take a day or two since eyes heal so quickly so I was all ready to relax for a couple of days before I was up and running again.

The girl from preop and I kept missing one another so I didn’t quite have a full grasp of what to expect. I read the directions in my packet from my preliminary appointment and dutifully started on the antibiotic drops. We finally got a chance to speak in person this morning to go over a few things, and it all sounded like a piece of cake.

Right before our conversation ended I remembered to ask how long it would be before I could resume regular life.

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“Oh, I almost forgot. I guess I’ll have to take it easy for a day or two after the surgery. Is that right?”

To my surprise and dismay the sweet receptionist explained that I would have to be in relative slow mow for at least a week. Exactly one week after the first eye I’ll be having the second one done so that means a couple of weeks of no bending over or picking up anything over ten pounds.

I had already been in full speed trying to get my fall décor down and Christmas up because I love to enjoy the sparkle of Christmas as long as I possibly can. As the song says “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” especially to someone who loves the sights, smells, and sounds of the holiday as much as I do.

This year I opted for one tree instead of multiples, but I already have a little Christmas in each room and the sounds of the season playing. I created several different Christmas stations on Pandora and change from one to another as the mood hits.

I have my dressing already frozen and the turkey thawing in anticipation of our celebration on Thanksgiving Day. I promised my sweet daughter in love, Cherrie, some fresh greens so I’m cooking them today. She won’t have them for Turkey Day, but at least she will have some to enjoy.

My grandson, Gauge, loves my sweet potato casserole so I’m getting it ready today, but I think it will freeze well. And I just looked at the time and have about 10 minutes to make it to a hair appointment! My buddy, Kenny, was so kind to change my appointment to work around all the goings on.

Getting ready for Thanksgiving and decorating early may take a little planning, but I don’t mind. When it’s all said and done the things we do to get ready are so small and insignificant. No matter how the house is decorated or what we sit down to eat I am truly thankful for all my blessings.