Perfection not as important as precious

Published 6:25 am Wednesday, November 29, 2023

By Jan Penton Miller

Time is fast approaching for the Garden Club’s annual Christmas party. It’s always a festive occasion, and I love to see the ladies all dressed up and ready for fun. This year I am on the committee to take care of the preparations. We will decorate Holland Hall and set things up before the party starts among other things.

These traditions add to the holiday season, and many are in full swing getting things ready as December rolls around once more. It takes many people working together for each event we attend whether it be a get together with family and friends or a large undertaking of our cities or churches.

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One of my friends is in charge of a musical and puppet production at her church each year while many clubs members from various clubs work throughout the year to make the magic happen for all of us. The small amount of work and planning I’m doing for Garden Club brings this to mind.

It has always been a joy for me to have parties and get things ready for them, but I can only imagine the work and preparation it takes to prepare for the events at our area churches that we enjoy not only at the holidays but the whole year through.

As I mark my calendar with all the wonderful happenings of this most special season I think I’ll appreciate the ones who work so hard to make them happen a little more. Today, my long time friend, Anne, and I will try to find the perfect disposable plates, glasses, and cutlery for the occasion. I suppose the problem may lie in trying to find the perfect ones because I have looked a time or two already!

In reality, this may be an excuse to shop and go to lunch because I am aware that I could find things on Amazon and have them delivered. I purposely waited out Black Friday because even though it is a good day for a deal, I can do without the accompanying craziness!

Today, I will have to go ahead and purchase something, perfect or not. I seriously doubt if many will pay much attention to the little details, but it’s fun to make things as pretty as possible. I’ve been working on little centerpieces for quite some time, and I’ll try to complete them before the day’s end.

As usual, I always cook way too much food for Thanksgiving, and the fridge is brimming with leftovers. My sister and I always want plenty of turkey left for sandwiches after, as this is something we look forward to each year. A little thing like sharing a turkey sandwich fixed just the way we like makes all the planning and preparation worth it.

When it’s all said and done our time spent with those we love doing simple little things is so precious. In our quest for the perfect gift or tree or decor maybe that’s a good thing to remember.