Property Transfers

Published 7:17 am Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Property transfers between Nov. 20-22, 2023, as recorded with the Lafayette County Chancery Clerk:

Michael and Mylinda Beckum to Carl and Fran Adams, Lot 124 of Northpointe Subdivision.

Nancy and Ray Stevens to John and Kelly Samples, Unit 503, Augusta Place Condominiums.

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Russom Construction, LLC to Sid Robinson, Lot 8 of Pea Ridge Subdivision.

The Crossing at Oxford Commons, LLC to L. Britt Durham, Unit 239 at The Crossing at Oxford Commons Cottage Condominiums.

Oxford Commons, III to Jeong Jolee and Seongbong Jo, Lot 308 of The Heights.

Vic and Tracy Alford to Melinda Kay Cobb, South Half of Section 21, Township 9 South, Range 2 West.

Leigh Malone to Julia Harvey, Lot 27 of Ridgewood Estates Subdivision.

Timothy and Ashley Cook to Outstanding Oxford Rental Property & Services, LLC, Unit 3 of Grand Oaks Village Condominiums. 

Shady Creek Rental Properties, LLC to Kimberly Ann Balducci, Southeast Quarter of Section 2, Township 8 South, Range 4 West.

Jeremy and Kendal Cole to Scott and Elizabeth Schwartz, Unit 57 of Soleil Condominiums.

Grand Oaks Village, LLC to Bradley Creamer and Hannah Eddins, Unit 18 of Grand Oaks Village Condominiums.

Robert and Bonita Kline to Stuart Noble, A fraction of the Southeast Quarter of Section 28, Township 8 South, Range 3 West.

Malcolm and Rebecca Manning to David Sprinkle, Lots 156 to 160, Holiday Hills Subdivision.

Richard Smith to Richard and Paula Smith, A parcel in Section 33, Township 8 South, Range 2 West.

Colleen Conner and George Edwards to Debbie Black, A parcel in Section 13, Township 10 South, Range 3 West.

Geirge and Huletlishe Wiley to NX Development, LLC, 5.2 acres, more or less, in Section 16, Township 8 South, Range 3 West.

Fred Cohen, et al. to Michael and Angela D’Orazio, Unit 1113 of The Crossing at Oxford Commons Condominiums.

John Harvery, et al. to Jackson White and Judith Current, Unit 11, 200 Washington Ave. Condominiums. 

Barbara Ann McAlexander to Pamela Marie McAlexander, et al., Southwest Quarter of Section 14, Township 10 South, Range 3 West.

Alan and Debra Spurgeon to Kenneth and Sylvia Barron, A fraction of Lots 32 and 34 in the Northeast Quarter of Section 3, Township 8 South, Range 3 West; 4.05 acres, more or less, in Long Meadow Subdivision.

Eleanor Marie White to Benjamin Lee Sims and Julie Renee Munn-Simms, Lot T33, Southpointe Subdivision.

Montgomery Classic Construction, LLC to John O. Montgomery, Lot 88 of Avent Acres Subdivision.

Diane Emfinger to Jeffrey and Judy Bain, Unit 5 of Quarter Condominiums.

The Kate Delia Crabtree Personal Residence Trust to Terry F. Warren, Unit 53 of The Hamlet Condominiums.

Don and Karen Callahand to Samuel Young, Southwest Quarter of Section 7, Township 10 South, Range 3 West.

Blue Sky Development, LLC to The Cottages at The Highlands Condominiums Association, Inc., A parcel in the Northeast Quarter of Section 6, Township 9, Range 2.

Blue Sky Development, LLC to The Highlands of Oxford Property Owners Assoc., Inc., Three tracts of land located in Sections 6, 31 and 32; in Townships 8 and 9, Range 2.

FIG 20, LLC to Tulip 22, LLC, Unit 504 of Brighton Village Condominiums.

Lily Reed, et al. to Reed Rental Properties, LLC, Unit 523 of Rowandale Condominiums.