Oxford’s weekend weather whiplash

Published 5:00 pm Thursday, December 7, 2023

Warmth, severe storms and cold snap this weekend

A significant weather shift awaits Oxford residents this weekend as forecasts suggest a transition from unusual warmth to severe storms, followed by a sharp temperature drop.

The National Weather Service warns of a severe weather threat on Saturday, with the likelihood of damaging winds and tornadoes in the afternoon and evening. This severe weather is part of a larger system affecting the region, notably between noon and 10 p.m.

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The uncharacteristically warm temperatures, potentially nearing 80 degrees, will precede the storms, setting the stage for atmospheric instability that could fuel these severe conditions

In the days preceding the weekend, the Plains will experience considerable warmth, with temperatures rising 20 to 30 degrees above the typical early December norms. By Friday, this warmth will start affecting Mississippi, including Oxford, pushing temperatures 10 to 20 degrees above average before rain begins​​.

Following the warm spell, a swift drop in temperatures is expected due to a moving cold front. By Sunday afternoon, after the front’s passage, clear skies are anticipated, with significantly cooler temperatures setting in for the next week​​.

Residents should prepare for these rapid weather changes. With severe weather likely on Saturday, it’s crucial to be aware of emergency procedures and weather alerts. The cold front’s arrival also demands adjustments in daily routines, including appropriate clothing and heating arrangements.

Stay updated with the Oxford Eagle, local weather sources and the National Weather Service for ongoing forecasts and specific warnings.