Property Transfers

Published 6:35 am Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Property transfers between Dec. 4-8, 2023, as recorded with the Lafayette County Chancery Clerk:

Joshua and Mary Kate Whelan to Henry and Katherine Stubbs, Lot 3 of The Grove at Grand Oaks.

Claiborne Graves to Vincent and Angela Beard, Unit 701 of Rowandale Condominiums.

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Anita Baker et al. to Obee, LLC, A parcel in the Northwest Quarter of Section 14, Township 8 South, Range 1 West, containing 40.06 acres.

Bobby and Dorothy Howell to Daniel and Linda Burchfield, Lot 106 of Royal Oaks Estates Subdivision.

Sean and Charlene Carothers to William Fort, Jr., Lot 28 of Briarwood Subdivision.

Christopher Varn to Lynwood Easterling, Northwest Quarter of Section 34, Township 9 South, Range 3 West.

Donand McCarver to Elizabeth McCarver, Unit 309 of Old Oaks of Oxford Condominiums.

Grand Oaks Village, LLC to Anna Wiygul, Unit 17 of Grand Oaks Village Condominiums.

Major Pearson to Nakesa Bowens, A fraction of Section 35, Township 8 South, Range 3 West.

Leah and Ryan McCarthy to Sailor Whiteheads Children’s Trust, Lot 63 of Woodlawn Subdivision.

LeRoy and Dee Ann Scheurer to Land Group Management, LLC, Lot 2, Block C of Beech Bluff Resort.

Grand Oaks Village, LLC to Fred and Sally Parmenter, Unit 15 of Grand Oaks Village Condominiums.

Ramsey Construction, LLC to William and Cheryl Nelson, Lot 61, Woodson Ridge Subdivision.

Fred and Michele Stearns to Edmund and Kirstie Ring, Unit 1706 of The Mark Condominiums.

Pamela McAlexander et al. to Sandra Lee McAlexander and Carol Gulley, The Southwest Quarter of Section 14, Township 10 South, Range 3 West.

Pamela McAlexander et al. to Jordan Family Properties, LLC, The Southwest Quarter of Section 14, Township 10 South, Range 3 West.

William and Carah Prater to MCBH, LLC, Unit 153 of Turnberry Condominiums.

Gary and Cynthia Grubb to BLBJ, LLC, Unit 6 of Carrollton Condominiums.

Lifestyle Homes, LLC to PCW Properties, LLC, Unit 54 of Fieldstone Farms Condominiums.

John and Elizabeth Baker to Jan Goodwin, Lot 12, Pebble Creek Subdivision.

Peter Binder to Taurus Property Hoildings, LLC and William Kimbrell, Unit N1, Old Taylor Place Condominiums.

Brandy and Shannon West to Adrienne Tin, Unit 1702, High Pointe Condominiums.

Witt Long Builders, LLC to The Laurie Greer Revocable Living Trust, Lot 72 of The Highlands Subdivision.

Zachary and Merritt Ashton to LK2 Properties, LLC, Unit 913 of The Crossing at Oxford Commons Condominiums.

The Lawrence and Mary Joan Amidei Revocable Trust to Small Batch Properties, LLC, Unit 53 of Oxford Square Townhomes.

Westbrook Construction Company to Bolton Construction, LLC, Lots 174 and 175, Township of Twelve Oaks Subdivision.

The John and Kristine Moran Living Trust to James and Crystal Lauve, Unit 236, Rowandale Condominiums.

Oxford Municipal Separate School District to Lafayette County School District, Northeast Quarter of Section 4, Township 9 South, Range 3 West and the Southeast Quarter of Section 33, Township 8 South, Range 3 West.

North Lamar Construction, LLC to LB Oxford, LLC, Lots 56 and 57 of The Lamar Subdivision.

Stillwater Oxford, LLC to Rebelhouse Holdings, LLC, Unit 67 of Stillwater Oxford Condominiums.

Robert Starnes to Frances Robbins et al., The South Half of the Southwest Quarter of Section 23, Township 7 South, Range 2 West.