Quinn Minute – Late greeting cards

Published 7:20 am Wednesday, December 20, 2023

By Rix Quinn

  A friend asked me if it was OK to delay sending holiday cards until late December.

     I asked two questions: (1) Will you send me a card? (2) Does it contain a gift certificate?

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Actually, I believe a late card is a great card. Here are three good reasons — and two average ones – to delay mailing:

  1. Excited recipients – Before the 25th, your loved ones got greetings from friends, plus people who could sell them something. The week after, they’ll welcome any card that doesn’t require monthly payments.
  2. Longer shelf life – It’s likely those early cards got tossed out with wrapping paper. Not your later arrival, which might sit around until late January. (Money-saving hint: Add heart stickers to the envelope, call it a “Yuletide Valentine.”)
  3. Enclose a letter – Between Christmas and New Year, recipients have nothing better to do, and will love to read letters about folks they met once at either a childbirth class or a school play.
  4. Enclose money – Last year my old football coach got a card containing 25 cents, along with the message “I heard you needed a quarter back.”
  5. Personal delivery – For an interesting night out – and perhaps a free meal – hand-deliver those cards to each door. When I tried this, some of my friends pretended they weren’t home.

  But that’s OK…I hung around until breakfast.