John Morgan concludes tenure with Oxford Board of Aldermen

Published 8:30 am Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Following a successful election campaign, John Morgan is set to leave his long-standing position on the Oxford Board of Aldermen to join the Lafayette County Board of Supervisors as the newly elected District 2 sssupervisor. Morgan, a dedicated public servant, has been an influential figure in Oxford’s governance since 2009.

Morgan’s move to the county level comes after his victory in the November elections. His tenure with the Oxford Board of Aldermen has been marked by significant contributions to the city’s development and community welfare. His new role on the County Board of Supervisors promises to extend his impact to a broader spectrum of county affairs.

Mayor Robyn Tannehill acknowledged Morgan’s transition during the Dec. 19 Board of Aldermen meeting. “This is officially the last meeting for Alderman John Morgan,” she announced, before later commenting to Morgan, “You will be missed, friend.”

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Reflecting on his time with the board, Morgan expressed mixed emotions. “It really is bittersweet because I’ve enjoyed these 15 years and I just want to say the city is in such good hands that I’ve seen so much in the last 15 years. And it’s not us. I mean the mayor does a great job. It’s but it’s not a single one. It is the people that run the city and the department heads,” he stated.

Morgan’s emphasis on collaborative efforts and strong leadership has been a hallmark of his approach to governance. His tenure on the board was characterized by a commitment to teamwork and community-focused decision-making.

As Morgan steps into his new role as District 2 supervisor, he leaves behind a legacy of dedicated service and leadership in Oxford. His experience and insight are expected to be valuable assets to the Lafayette County Board of Supervisors. Morgan’s move signifies not just a personal career progression but also a continuity of public service at a wider county level.