Buttons beckon, needles need threading

Published 6:15 am Wednesday, December 27, 2023

By Bonnie Brown

As I’ve mentioned before, the bookends of my week are Garbage Day Monday and Sheet Changing Friday.  It is a schedule that works for us.  On Monday morning, you will find me scurrying about to include the last scrap that needs to go in the trash.  

We do a load of laundry each day—just one.  No separation of whites and darks, just all goes in which is a system that my mother would likely frown upon.  Recently, when I was removing and folding the clothes from the dryer, I found a small button.  I had to stop and review the items in the wash to figure out that it was from my gown.  The gown is one of those old, comfy items of clothing that while appreciated for the long service, was not a priority to sew the button back on.  There are several on the gown and surely this one wouldn’t be missed.  But it nagged me.  You may remember that I’m the labels front in the pantry and fridge gal, along with a few dozen other idiosyncrasies.  

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Day 3:  The gown continues to hang in my closet and appears to be making an appeal to complete her by sewing on the missing button.  I silently convey to her (of course, the gown is a female) that I just hadn’t had the time to do that.  

Life continues along, albeit at a nice, calm, productive pace.  I have wrangled Tom into helping me clean out a few drawers.  I had decided that if I tackled this decluttering one drawer (or area) at a time, I’d be done by spring.  So, I enlisted his help, and he was very good at this.  However, the dreaded junk drawer looms in our near future.  Dare we?  Yes, we must.  

Day 11:  The gown continues to be on my mind, and I go search in the laundry room to make sure the button is still on the backsplash around the cabinet.  Yes, it’s there.  Looking very small and a bit forlorn and forsaken.  And probably feeling useless.  I have now definitely decided that I must sew the button on.  Should only take a few minutes.  My small sewing box with thread and needle is in the near cabinet, only feet away from the button.  

We have spent a great deal of time watching football this season.  A lot!  And for the most part, our favored teams triumphed.  The football games interfered a little with my naps, but only a little.  I found that I could combine watching football with planning the next decluttering phase, much to Tom’s dismay.  

Day 17:  The button beckons to me!  The gown still hangs there, still neglected.  I should reunite them.  But I remember the challenge of threading the needle.  These elder eyes are not as sharp as they used to be.  I have glasses everywhere and even a few magnifying glasses nearby.  Am I up for the challenge?  You betcha!  And in just minutes this quest will be completed!  Victory is mine!  And the moral of this tale as per Benjamin Franklin is “Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today.”  Because it will drive you daft!