Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department releases 2023 crime report

Published 4:40 pm Monday, January 1, 2024

Notable Takeaways

  • Domestic Violence and DUIs Prevalent: High cases of domestic violence (59 first offense, 5 aggravated) and DUI offenses (59 first-time, 5 fourth or greater, 4 third, 5 second).
  • Various Serious Offenses: Included 14 disturbances, 12 methamphetamine possessions, 17 paraphernalia possessions, 85 warrants, 1 murder, 1 rape, and 4 burglaries of an occupied dwelling.
  • Traffic Offenses Noted: 9 cases of careless driving, 11 of driving with suspended license.
  • Report Highlights Challenges: Reflects ongoing domestic violence and DUI issues in Lafayette County, crucial for shaping future law enforcement strategies.

The Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department has released its comprehensive crime report from Jan. 1 to Nov. 30, 2023, revealing a diverse range of offenses. The department’s data highlights significant instances of domestic violence and DUI offenses, alongside various other criminal activities.

Leading the list, domestic violence incidents were notably high, with 59 cases of first offense, 5 of aggravated domestic violence, and additional reports of felony domestic violence. DUI offenses were equally prevalent, with 59 instances of first-time DUI, followed by 5 cases of DUI 4th or greater, 4 of DUI 3rd, and 5 of DUI 2nd.

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Other serious offenses included 14 disturbances, 12 instances of possession of methamphetamine, and 17 of possession of paraphernalia. The report also noted 85 warrants issued during this period.

The department recorded several instances of more severe crimes, such as 1 murder, 1 rape, and 4 cases of burglary of an occupied dwelling. Additionally, there were multiple instances of possession of controlled substances, with 8 cases involving felons and various other drug-related offenses.

Traffic-related offenses also formed a significant part of the report, including 9 cases of careless driving and 11 of driving while license suspended. The department also handled numerous calls for lesser offenses like noise ordinance violations and motorist assists.

The report serves as a crucial insight into the types of challenges faced by the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department over the year. It underscores the ongoing issues of domestic violence and DUI in the community, necessitating continued attention and intervention from law enforcement and community support groups.

The department remains committed to addressing these challenges and ensuring the safety and well-being of Lafayette County residents. The detailed report is expected to play a key role in shaping law enforcement strategies and community safety initiatives in the coming year.