YAC creatives present goals Sunday

Published 1:43 pm Friday, January 26, 2024

Each year the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council challenges creative entrepreneurs to formulate a goal for their businesses and to use the CSA to achieve or move toward it.

Creatives use the CSA to share their stories and invite people to support their growth as artists and entrepreneurs. This year’s event is Sunday, Jan. 28, from 4-6 p.m. at 130 Leighton Rd.

Register the number of people who plan to attend as space and parking is limited. To learn more about those chosen this year, visit here.

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Similar to Community Supported Agriculture, this program asks early investors to support artists by buying shares that artists will deliver by the end of the program in June. Supporters order shares from January through June, and participants must have their orders completed by the end of June.

When you purchase a share, you are not only receiving a unique item, you are supporting the growth of small businesses in your community. You can follow your arts entrepreneur from the initial idea through the creative process. Connect with the unique stories that define our community. Follow their endeavors through #GrowingSmallBusinesses #GrowingOxford.