Writer’s block, like ice, finally melted

Published 8:45 am Wednesday, January 31, 2024

By Ricky Swindle
Muffler Shop Musings

Howdy, friends!

I’ve been suffering from writer’s block lately. I sit down to write and nothing comes out. I’m glad I don’t do this as a paying job because I’d be broke and as Buck Owens sang “Waitin in a Welfare Line.”

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I tried to write around Christmas time to tell y’all how happy I was to have all six of my GrandHeathens there. Even the ones in Texas took a week and came to stay with us. but somehow I couldn’t get the words to type out.

I wanted to talk about our recent ice storm and how it affected me and all of us. It was a tough few days riding up and down the hills on our road attempting to make the slippery trek to town.

The biggest question on social media all week was “how are the roads?”

If I viewed that question once it had to be at least a few hundred times. How’s the roads? How’s the roads? The roads were bad –  that’s how the roads were.

Funny thing during all of it was when our water association had to cut off everyone’s water to build up the tank. My better half and I began filling pots for toilet water if needed, not thinking about the 40,000 gallons of water we had sitting in the backyard pool. Oh well, we had water anyway.

The ice was nowhere near, thank The Lord, of 1994 and we all should be grateful for that. I will never forget the sound of trees and light poles popping like gunshots for days. Worst storm I’ve ever seen.

So, we’ve had ice, snow, flash floods and it’s just now January. 

I’ve seen a few forecasts and it’s looking as of now we may be getting some more white stuff by the second week of February. I hope it’s only snow. Let’s cross our fingers.

We’ve had a lot of families suffering the loss of loved ones these past several days. I want to say God bless each and everyone of you  during these days of sorrow. Put your faith in The Lord and He will heal a hurting heart.

Take care of yourself folks and I’ll keep working on this writer’s block.