Restaurants with alcohol; liquor stores could soon be OK in Legacy TNB zoning

Published 10:44 am Tuesday, February 13, 2024

The Oxford Planning Department recommended a change to Oxford’s only Legacy Traditional Neighborhood Business zoning district to allow restaurants that serve alcohol and liquor stores by a special exception.

When the city of Oxford was working on its comprehensive rezoning plan a couple of years ago, the city approved creating an overlay district called Legacy Traditional Neighborhood Business for a handful of properties around the north side of what is now Pat Patterson Parkway and Anderson Road. The zoning was originally zoned Traditional Neighbor Business.

“There were some concerns by the neighbors related to specific uses,” Requet said. “Ultimately we went down the path of modifying and creating an overlay district.”

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The uses that were limited under the Legacy TNB district were drive-thru restaurants, liquor stores and restaurants that serve alcohol and a handful of other uses.

On Monday, City Planner Ben Requet presented the Planning Commission with proposed modifications to the Land Development Code that would allow restaurants that serve alcoholic beverages and liquor stores by Special Exception.

It would require developers to appear before the commission for approval of the Special Exception.

The Planning Commission voted to recommend approval of the modification to the Oxford Board of Aldermen that will consider the proposal at a future meeting.

If approved by the Oxford Board of Aldermen, the modification does not change any of the other limited uses in the district – it only would allow the two proposed uses (restaurants that serve alcohol and liquor stores) if the special exception is approved.