BMX track at mTrade Park to be removed to make way for water treatment plant

Published 10:51 am Friday, February 23, 2024

The unused BMX trail at mTrade park will soon be removed and turned into a water treatment plant.

The idea for a BMX track at the park was formed around 2010 and was part of an overall plan from the Oxford Pathways Commission to increase walking and biking activities in Oxford. However, after the trail was constructed, it has sat mostly unused for more than a decade.

“It was built in hopes that it would attract BMX events to town,” said Oxford Utilities Superintendent Rob Neely. “There has been no events or local use of the track.”

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Since the trail was built using federal and state funds via the Mississippi Department of Transportation and the Federal Highways Administration, the city had to seek approval from MDOT to repurpose the site and amend the maintenance agreement with MDOT.

Neely told the Oxford Board of Aldermen Tuesday that the site where the BMX trail is located is a perfect location for a new water treatment plant.

He said he contacted MDOT and they are willing to amend the agreement. He explained that the BMX site works for a new water treatment plant because it is the right size, it does not interfere with future growth and development of the park and it saves the city money since the city would not need to purchase land for a new water treatment plant.

With the addition of Pat Patterson Parkway and an increase of residential and commercial businesses in the area, Neely said a water treatment plant is needed due to a capacity need for more quality, drinkable groundwater water in the area of mTrade Park.

The Board of Aldermen approved amending the agreement with MDOT to allow for the removal of the BMX track for the purpose of building the new water treatment plant.