Running the gauntlet of idiocy that is Oxford traffic

Published 3:37 pm Wednesday, March 6, 2024

By Steve Stricker

This past Tuesday I passed a parked pickup with stickers completely blocking the rear window – they have an opinion about everything and when their verbiage is exhausted, they continue by expressing it by pasting stickers all over their bumper, glass, etc.  They could be a huge introvert and not feel comfortable expressing their opinion out loud, do it this way as they also block people out by covering the window!

All behavior has a purpose, especially your own and it’s imperative for sound mental health that you understand you…or have someone help.  Whatever you’re feeling from someone, that is exactly what they want you to feel – for the above pickup, they want you to like what they like and are sort of forcing it on us…I felt they had sniffed too much sticker glue.

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As Director of MBA Career Services in the Ole Miss School of Business Administration, it was my job to get to know each MBA, help them choose a career focus, then busted my tail to place them in a summer internship and full time job. As a Counselor and Career Adviser at Ole Miss, I had to quickly tune into the students and assist them to choose a major or career. All this was assisted by the “gift” of my dad’s death. As I entered my freshman year in college I didn’t want to be hurt again and developed the ability to analyze anyone in seconds to sense if they could hurt me.

As a “Psychologist” at NMRC, I observed behavior, especially aberrant, to identify, describe clearly, and initiate a positive replacement program.  To implement such behavior changes is a lengthy and professional process as everything has to be written out in program form, team and client’s family approved, then followed closely and adjusted as needed.

Not so simple observing people’s behavior in traffic such as idiots in those roundabouts who are in the wrong lane, driving recklessly, dangerously, darting in and out of cars. Yeah, if they break these laws, they also break others, probably smoke, drink, into drugs, overall obnoxious, other trouble with the law, flunking out of school, bully, abusive in relationships, and just a jerk!

Rear bumper riders are aggressive people, pushy, want everything their way, always in a hurry, disregard the laws of driving and will do anything to get ahead, legally or illegally.  Especially true if driving a pickup on steroids and get on your bumper to intimidate.  I look at them in my side mirror, shake my head, and when the light changes don’t move for a few seconds, then very slowly.  These are low self-esteem losers who need that big-o truck to boost their nothingness and have very small reproductive organs…just saying….

Persons who always speed, never stop at a stop sign, etc. think they won’t get caught and are above the law – much like the co-ed on Campus who parks where she wants because daddy will pay the fine.  She will go through life waiting for someone to pick up after her and one day will be in for a rude awakening.

The sports fan who loves their team…when they’re winning.  They have no “loyalty,” if the team begins to lose they are the first to rant and rave because their self-esteem is fueled by winning and they are losers.

It’s annoying when in a store (especially a bookstore), signs posted banning cell phones, and have someone disrespect others by carrying on a loud conversation on said phone! It’s all about them, everywhere, including home.

And, if you are healthy, please do not park in a handicapped marked space just to be closer to the door.  Most days, I feel blessed to be safely parked in my garage after running the idiot gauntlet! 

 Steve is an Oxford resident and received his Ph.D. in Educational Psychology (Counseling) from Ole Miss.