Spring break safety on the minds of some Ole Miss students

Published 2:49 pm Thursday, March 7, 2024

By Camille Cochran

Ole Miss Journalism Student

Ole Miss’ spring break begins this weekend and hundreds, if not thousands, of students will travel to beaches for a week of fun in the sun. This year, however, those headed to Mexico may need to take some additional precautions.

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The U.S. has issued a travel advisory for much of the country, urging people not to go to places such as Chihuahua and Mazatlán at all. Criminal activity and kidnapping are the biggest concerns.

Ole Miss senior Vaughn Beyer is traveling to Los Cabos, Mexico with a group of friends from Ole Miss. Though the embassy identified Los Cabos as a location where increased caution is encouraged, Beyer said he’s not worried.

“Yeah, I have been going for like, the past 20 years with my family, so we have always felt pretty comfortable. I mean there is some parts of downtown that you wouldn’t really go to after a certain time, but I have always felt pretty safe there,” Beyer said.

Beyer, who is majoring in business, said he’s aware that students do sometimes put themselves at risk during Spring Break.

“I do not think it is a big issue, I think everyone is just there looking to have fun,” he said.

The university’s William McGee Center is promoting a safe and fun Spring Break for students, no matter where they travel this year.

“Giving out some snacks and some Spring Break goodie bags. Inside the goodie bags are sunscreen, Liquid I.V., and some Boost,” Grace Gober, Magee Center student volunteer, said.

The center, which focuses on promoting wellness and preventing alcohol and substance abuse, is also trying to arm students with information.

“So, we had created these little pamphlets hitting on general wellness and substance safety and talking about the beach body and appreciating your body if you’re going on Spring Break,” Gober said.

The center’s website also offers advice to parents who may want to help their children stay safe while on break.

Though administrative offices at the university will remain open next week, classes won’t resume until March 18.