Endoscopic spine surgery performed in Oxford

Published 8:27 am Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Dr. Burch first in Mississippi to use procedure

In December 2023, Dr. Benjamin Burch became the first spine surgeon in Mississippi to perform an endoscopic spine surgery procedure. 

Since then, more than 20 of these revolutionary procedures have been performed at the Oxford Surgery Center.

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Compared to traditional spine surgery techniques, the incision is much smaller with endoscopic surgery, meaning significantly less post-operative pain, minimal scarring and a faster return to normal activities.

These procedures are typically performed through an opening no larger than a pencil. A small camera (endoscope) is used to provide the surgeon with visualization of the surgical field. 

Combined with a small working channel for access of the surgical instruments, this revolutionary technique allows the surgeon to pass endoscopic tools through the endoscope to accomplish surgical treatment in an ultra-minimally invasive fashion.