Study places Lafayette in top 10 most wealth generation over the past decade

Published 8:51 am Saturday, March 16, 2024

A new study from SmartAsset analyzes the places in Mississippi that have experienced the most wealth generation over the last 10 years, and Lafayette County came in at No. 8.

The study measures growth across median income, home value and investment income in each county to find the places where wealth has increased the most.

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According to the study, Lafayette County’s median home value raw growth was $107,439 over the last 10 years. Median income raw growth was $11,392, and investment income growth was $15,000. The wealth index growth is 30.93 for the county. Lee County saw the overall highest wealth growth at 35.32

To identify the areas with the greatest increases in wealth, SmartAsset compared all U.S. counties across three metrics: investment income, property value, and median income over the course of 10 years.

It started the analysis by calculating the investment income for each county by evenly weighing the ordinary dividends, qualified dividends, and net capital gains. From there, SmartAsset calculated the change in median home value, and median income for each county, and ranked them on all three metrics.

The company then took the raw change of the three metrics and the wealth index to rank the counties with the greatest increase in wealth over 10 years.